April Marvel Box: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

  • Star-Lord Patch
  • Gamora Pin
  • Secret Empire #0 Variant Edition
  • GOTG vol 2 Pop Shirt
  • Rocket Raccoon with a Baby Groot Pop Figure
  • Dorbz Ridez Star-Lord with the Milano

I’ve been getting some awesome shirts in these boxes. The pins and patches are cool and the figures are really nice but I’m a sucker for these shirts (even though they’re in the stylized Pop art). I have the feeling my kid is gonna end up stealing those figures…

This crate was certainly worth the price in terms of content. Those Pop figures ain’t cheap. I do like how I’m always pleasantly surprised by what Marvel sends me.

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January Loot Funko Extra: Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty

This bit of randomness finally arrived at my door the other day. There’s a pin, a patch, mini Boba Fett, Jabba mug, R2D2 Pop, and C3po hat. Even though I don’t usually wear caps, the hat is my favorite. It says “Programmed for Etiquette.” It gave me a chuckle. 🙂

I’m a fan of Star Wars but not big enough not to pass these on to people who love it MUCH more than I do. I know they will get a kick out of it. But not the hat. That I’m keeping.

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December Marvel Box: X-Men

  • Storm Collector Corps patch
  • Magneto pin
  • Xavier’s School t-shirt
  • Mystique Rock Candy figure
  • Wolverine’s Motorcycle Pop Figure
  • Champions comic

If comics were a drug, X-Men would have been my gateway. I was SO into X-Men starting in grade school and up till college and I still keep tabs on what’s up in the universe now that my job is to get graphic novels for the library. Obviously, I was SUPER hyped for this box.

If I were to have one gripe, it would be the flagrant lack of Rogue here. She was always my favorite and I don’t think she gets enough spotlight time. Mystique is cool and all, tho.

But what X-Men fan in the UNIVERSE didn’t want an Xavier’s school shirt!? I don’t know why I didn’t think of that immediately when I heard this month’s theme for the box but that is my favorite item here. I may gift the other stuff but that shirt is all mine.

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October Marvel Box: Dr. Strange

In an amazing amount of zero shock, the Marvel box this month is based on the upcoming Dr. Strange movie. It includes:

  • Dr. Strange patch
  • Dr. Strange pin
  • Dr. Strange mug
  • Dr. Strange Pop Figure
  • Dr. Strange comic
  • Dr. Strange Pop Figure shirt.

My favorite out of the lot is the shirt. Because it’s cute. I’ve never been the biggest Dr. Strange fan; not because I didn’t like him. I just never got into this comic. When a kid has an allowance for her comics, you can only pick so many. I’m sure I’ll take a dive into this character more now that the movie is coming up.

As for the rest? Eh, it will probably end up over on eBay. I don’t need more mugs or figures so I think they will be better off in the hands of a bigger fan than me.

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Marvel June Box: Women of Power


This month we have:

  • Ms. Marvel patch
  • Spiderwoman pin
  • Squirrel Girl Pop figure
  • She-Hulk and Captain Marvel figures
  • Spider Gwen shirt
  • Civil War II comic

Spider Gwen shirt wins this box. This shirt is awesome. I still need to invest in a pin board to mount all the pins, I pass the patches on to my kid, I like the figures, but it’s the shirt that hooked me this time. I haven’t even read that comic yet. Very happy with this month’s box.

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April Marvel Crate: Civil War


Hell yeah, baby! It’s Civil War time!

  • Collector Corps patch
  • Collector Corps pin
  • Civil War t-shirt
  • Black Panther comic
  • Dorbz Iron Man
  • POP Captain America and Iron Man
  • Civil War lanyard

Pretty fucking cool, right?! I am really gonna have to think of a way to display all these pins on a board or something because they are awesome and there are only so many you can put on your bag or coat without destroying them with holes. I think it would be awesome to have those on display in my office. I’ve been meaning to decorate it properly.

I’ll post pictures when the office is all spruced up. I’ve been working so hard on it so I have proper places for the collectibles I want to keep.

Next month’s box is supposed to be Women of Power so that should be just as cool!

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Marvel’s Deadpool Box

On the heels of seeing the Deadpool movie (fucking brilliant, by the way) I thought I’d shoot for the Deadpool box I got a random ad for in my Facebook.


First I got some cool pins and a patch.


There’s a comic, a stuffed Deadpool, a Pop head.. Thing… a Dorbz figure with a hat, and an awesome shirt.


Here’s a better picture of the little stuff inside and the shirt. 🙂

I dunno if I’d continue the Marvel box subscription but WOW. This stuff is awesome. Even the box has a cool design on it. I’ll probably keep it to store my colored pencils or something. But I can tell now that my kid is gonna grab most of this up since she LOVES Deadpool and since I refuse to let her see the movie under any circumstances EVER (yeah, there were kids in the theater when I went to see it…), she’s entitled to some merch. I’m not evil. At least in that regard. 😉

That shirt is mine, tho…

I’m not gonna comment too much on the movie since tons of blogs have already done that, but I will say that it was amazing and I would see that again in a heartbeat. 🙂 I’m also gonna try the “Deadpool Workout” I found in Pinterest:


Because why the hell not. Who wouldn’t want datass!