Marvel’s Deadpool Box

On the heels of seeing the Deadpool movie (fucking brilliant, by the way) I thought I’d shoot for the Deadpool box I got a random ad for in my Facebook.


First I got some cool pins and a patch.


There’s a comic, a stuffed Deadpool, a Pop head.. Thing… a Dorbz figure with a hat, and an awesome shirt.


Here’s a better picture of the little stuff inside and the shirt. 🙂

I dunno if I’d continue the Marvel box subscription but WOW. This stuff is awesome. Even the box has a cool design on it. I’ll probably keep it to store my colored pencils or something. But I can tell now that my kid is gonna grab most of this up since she LOVES Deadpool and since I refuse to let her see the movie under any circumstances EVER (yeah, there were kids in the theater when I went to see it…), she’s entitled to some merch. I’m not evil. At least in that regard. 😉

That shirt is mine, tho…

I’m not gonna comment too much on the movie since tons of blogs have already done that, but I will say that it was amazing and I would see that again in a heartbeat. 🙂 I’m also gonna try the “Deadpool Workout” I found in Pinterest:


Because why the hell not. Who wouldn’t want datass!



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