December Kal-Elle Fan Box: Deadpool


  • Deadpool necklace
  • Deadpool scarf
  • Grenade earrings
  • Unicorn bracelet
  • Deadpool magnet
  • 4×6 art print
  • Deadpool lip balm

Do I even need to say how cool this is!? Because, wow, this stuff is awesome. At this point, I am really thinking that this subscription box is more fun than what I get from Loot Crate. If I had one complaint, the magnets I get in these boxes are not very strong. I put them up to hold a photo and it’s not strong enough to stay. Heck, I’m not even a fan of flavored lip balm but I love this one; it really is just the weak magnet.

What is also cool about this box is getting to know some Etsy sellers I wouldn’t have found on my own. I dunno if I’ll run and go shop there (because I’m broke) but there’s some pretty awesome stuff out there and I get to see it. I can’t wait to see what they send me next.

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February Loot Crate!


I am loving all this Deadpool merch I’m getting… XD

As you can see, there’s a Q-Fig, a shirt, a Walking Dead little toy, and Walking Dead soap on a rope. The little zombie crate pin is adorable and looks a LOT like the zombie book I sketched a few years ago.

I will be generous with this crate and give my kid most of it. The fact she thought the soap was so cool makes me question my parenting but hey, it’s all hers if she wants it. But that shirt is all mine.

I am pleased with the overall quality of these subscription boxes for geeky stuff. I usually don’t keep it all but most of it is really cool and I am glad I took a chance on them. They ain’t cheep, but they sure are fun!

Marvel’s Deadpool Box

On the heels of seeing the Deadpool movie (fucking brilliant, by the way) I thought I’d shoot for the Deadpool box I got a random ad for in my Facebook.


First I got some cool pins and a patch.


There’s a comic, a stuffed Deadpool, a Pop head.. Thing… a Dorbz figure with a hat, and an awesome shirt.


Here’s a better picture of the little stuff inside and the shirt. 🙂

I dunno if I’d continue the Marvel box subscription but WOW. This stuff is awesome. Even the box has a cool design on it. I’ll probably keep it to store my colored pencils or something. But I can tell now that my kid is gonna grab most of this up since she LOVES Deadpool and since I refuse to let her see the movie under any circumstances EVER (yeah, there were kids in the theater when I went to see it…), she’s entitled to some merch. I’m not evil. At least in that regard. 😉

That shirt is mine, tho…

I’m not gonna comment too much on the movie since tons of blogs have already done that, but I will say that it was amazing and I would see that again in a heartbeat. 🙂 I’m also gonna try the “Deadpool Workout” I found in Pinterest:


Because why the hell not. Who wouldn’t want datass!



New York Comic Con 2015 Recap

As usual, NYCC was fun yet exhausting. Instead of bitching about how we don’t have professional day anymore and the general clusterfuck to get in is insane (not even professional only hours? gimme a break), I would rather talk about all the cool stuff!

First off, I met and got an autograph from Kevin Conroy, who absolutely did the voice when he introduced himself to the crowd.


The second day, I cosplayed as Hatsune Miku with my niece and my kid and got awesome pictures with other Mikus!


I also got a photo op with “The Stranger” from Until Dawn.


Day three was all about the kiddo, who scored a picture and a signed print from Rob Liefeld; the artist behind her favorite character, Deadpool (obviously).

Despite being tired, sore, and broke (I cannot believe I made it into work today) I am so glad I went. It was even more crowded than last year! I think a bigger venue is in order but I can’t imagine where that would be. But I am already brainstorming ideas for next year’s cosplay! 😀

NYCC Wrap-up

Now that my blisters have healed and my muscles have recovered, I can finally post about how NYCC went.

NYCC was SWAMPED. Like “Lenni couldn’t get into her panels or hadda stand in the back because there were no seats” swamped. But I did it. I went and had a fabulous time.

Despite the record setting attendance, I would really… REEEEEELY appriciate it if NYCC brought back professional hours so I could actually make it to the panels I wanna see. They’re all educational anyway so I shouldn’t have had to battle to get in. Wall to wall people is the sign of a successful con but if I can’t get near vendors and authors to talk to them about getting their materials into the library, it’s a bust for ME professionally. Hopefully next year, they’ll bring them back.

Other than that, I only had issue trying to find Deadpool merchandise for my daughter. Deadpool is her favorite (obviously, I screen what she sees because, DEADPOOL) and she went dressed up as a mini Ladypool. She was the cutest damn Ladypool ever and of course, everyone wanted her picture. I am pretty convinced there wasn’t another little girl at that con dressed as Deadpool and I got some MAJOR Awesome Mom points. But I’ll be twice damned if I could find a shirt, hat, bracelet, ear rings, or anything wearable with any Deadpool on it in a kid’s size. One guy said it’s because they don’t really market Deadpool to kids but there’s a fuckton if Frank Miller Batmans, Wolverines, and such and they’re not exactly known for their pacifist, bloodless comics.

It got to the point where my daughter started to cry.

Granted, even the laziest Google search will turn up a glut of stuff (thank you, Etsy) but why not Deadpool? There were plenty of grown women who were Ladypool who would have loved a bracelet or dogtags or SOMETHING with Deadpool on it.

There’s a market here, people. Get on this.

In the end, one really nice woman who asked for a picture because my kid looked so awesome gave us a Deadpool postcard in plastic because the kiddo looked so upset (she is my hero now) but it shouldn’t have come to that. Yes, Deadpool is adult, but a lot of comics are and if Batman was the kiddo’s fav, I would have had my pick of accessories in her size.

What I’m saying is Marvel? Deadpool is awesome and girls like it, too. Can we have some cute stuff, too?