It’s Mah Birthday!


And I’m not dieting today. Heck, after that snow storm (and shoveling for over an hour to the point where I almost passed out) I’m taking the week off from working out. But that doesn’t mean I’m free for the day since I had to see the doctor about my latest blood work and not only is my bad cholesterol down, it went from 173 to 152 since I started Saxenda. The doctor said it was the best set of results he’d seen all week!

So, I treated myself to my favorite dinner from my favorite pizza place, New York cheesecake, and some little cookie brownies from Trader Joe’s. I didn’t eat the whole ziti, there are at least two meals in there for me since the Saxenda keeps me from really over indulging. All I needed was a little bit to feel special today.

And yes, that is a Deadpool plate. Because I’m a geek.

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