Today’s Workout: Editing


With a rough draft done and Thanksgiving over, I’m back to working out. I decided to keep editing on my desk bike and holy crap, did I feel exactly like I haven’t worked out properly in weeks! I feel wrecked. Good thing I decided to bike instead hopping right on the treadmill for a run. My knees are BURNIN!

I going to do my best in getting back into my regular routine and losing weight on schedule again. Unfortunately, I did gain weight back after missing my Saxenda for a month; I went back up to 217. But now that I’ve restarted, I’m down to 214.

Once I finalize my edits, I’ll have a final word count for NaNoWriMo but luckily, adding more detail and fixing errors doesn’t require as much focus as the original blitz to the end. I can divide my attention by biking at the same time. Because man, I need to get strong again after being so sedentary for so long.

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Today’s Workout: Outline Work


Yup, I’m still prepping for NaNo. I hopped on the bike while I worked and you can tell where I was paying attention to the outline more than my pedaling. But hey, anything is better than just sitting in the chair, right?

I’m still waiting for my Saxenda refill so my weight hasn’t changed much. I have noticed that even thought it’s been a few weeks (yeah, WEEKS), I haven’t gone back to my pre-Saxenda food consumption. I’m still eating smaller meals (despite me playing around with different types of noodles, if you’ve seen my Instagram) and feeling a bit sick if I try to eat too much. Does this mean the drug lingers in my system longer than I thought or has my stomach shrunk? I have no idea. But I have been in contact with my doctor to resume my prescription. Hopefully, that will get worked out soon.

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Today’s Workout: Preptime!

Now that my newest book is ready to release (comes out tomorrow!), I can focus on prepping for NaNoWriMo. So, today I propped my little Chromebook on my Wirk Bike and started a chapter by chapter breakdown of what I want to happen in this new book. And I was smart enough to stretch after because, I’ll be honest, I haven’t been working out as much.

I also need to make sure I’m more active because my insurance company decided to play games with my Saxenda; taking so long to approve my refill that I ran out. Good thing this isn’t something I need to live because this is BS. I did talk to my doctor and I should get it soon but come on. This shouldn’t be such an issue.

Anyways, I’ll be getting back to more workouts now. I actually felt more stiff not moving around than after a workout. My job is sedentary enough. Moving around is what I need.

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Weight Loss Check In.

I’ve been on Saxenda since April so I figure it’s about time for a progress report. Here’s a screenshot from MyFitnessPal!

That’s fresh, too. Just weighed myself this morning!

Now, I know I haven’t been working out much. I’m back to using most of my free time to write but I am sneaking in workouts when I can.

I am super excited to hit the 20 pound mark! I bet my weight loss will go faster once the weather is cooler. I lose all motivation when it’s hot. Dunno why but I’m just more productive in the cooler months than in the summer. Summer sucks.

Anyways, I’ll be trying to check in more often but I am so pleased with my progress so far! I can’t wait to finally reach my goals!

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Today’s Workout: Consistency


As in I am in desperate need of it. For me, this week will be all about trying to do a little bit of a workout every day. Today was more stationary bike and I’ve been lowering the resistance to get my speed up. It’s easier to type with less resistance.

Also, I hit the 15 pounds loss! I’m super excited about this. I’m only 17 pounds away from getting under 200; that’s my goal before the end of the year. I’ll be doing more cardio and weights to try and get there; even if it’s just a few minutes. The combination of the Saxenda and keeping active should get me there. It’s worked wonders so far!

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First workout of the week: It’s too damn hot.


Not an impressive feat but man, I do NOT do well in the heat. So, this workout is just a brisk walk. It may not mean much for my running progress but honestly, I’m firmly in the camp of a walk instead of a run is better than just sitting around. 

And I did manage to slide down on the scale 0.8 pounds. That’s 11.4 in total! I’ve also had to adjust how I shop for food because the Saxenda reduces my appetite so much. I may have to pay for the meds but my grocery bill is lower. I had to learn this the hard way unfortunately, since some food went bad before I could get to it.

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Week 4 of C25k Begins!

It feels like forever ago when I was doing c210k and running for 5 minutes straight was easy peasy. Man, how things change in a year. But, it’s getting easier and I am down 4 pounds from when I started Saxenda. I was never a binge eater but I have noticed I’m eating MUCH less than before and I haven’t felt too weak to workout like I did when I was doing Intermittent Fasting. I think this is because Saxenda is supposed to slow digestion and decrease your appetite so I’m still getting the fuel I need to workout. I don’t feel faint or anything otherwise I’d stop using this drug.

After a 4 pound weight loss I am cautiously optimistic. Once the weight loss is in the double digits, I’ll feel better. 

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Weight Loss Journey – Yeah, this again…

Over the course of lockdown, I lost some weight. No, it’s not bragging because in order to deal with the stress of a global pandemic, reduced income, wondering if I’ll stay employed at all… Basically the low-level underlying fear everyone had been going through; I was running up to an hour a day trying to make my way through Couch to 10k. 

Then we all got back to work and the weight came back. I didn’t have time for hour long workouts anymore. What I was doing is using my lunch hour to workout then eating lunch while I worked. If I felt spicy, I did an extra workout before bed. Going back into the library meant that no longer happened.

I’ve been trying to keep up with as much activity as I can. I got one of these: 

And if I’m not running, I use this for 20-40 minutes while I moderate programs at work. I restarted Couch to 5k to get my stamina back up and the workouts are shorter. I counted calories all over the place, cut out booze, increased my portions of vegetables, limited salt… And nothing.

I had previously discussed percription weight loss options with my doctor because while everyone tells me I look fine, I don’t feel fine. I did my annual blood test and all my bloodwork is perfect. My doctor was really impressed. So, I broached the idea again because I turned 40 this year and the older I get, the more likely my weight will start to affect my health.

And part is ego because I have some nice clothes I wanna wear and I’m too broke to replace my entire wardrobe.

This time, my doctor did recommend something to me: Saxenda. My insurance company gave me the OK and I started it last week weighing in at 230 pounds.

This week I’m down to 228.

Not gonna lie, I had some side effects. Mainly nausea but a couple of pepto tabs took care of that. I can aboslutely tell I feel less hungry. I’m on MyFitnessPal so keep track of what I eat. Feel free to friend me there if you want.

I’m really nervous to share this since I’m concerned I’ll make this public only for this to fail. But, here we are. Hopefully, I’ll hit my goals this time!

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