November Loot Crate: Unity 2.0

  • Voltron ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ t-shirt
  • Overwatch Widowmaker Funko Pop
  • Black Power Ranger Mini Fig
  • Loot Crate Unite 2.0 Pin
  • Official reprint of first Justice League comic with certificate of authenticity
  • VNV $10 credit

They had me at Voltron ugly Christmas shirt…

So, this is my second VNV credit thing, which I shall also give away to someone and I will also likely pass along the Widowmaker Pop to a real fan of the game. Don’t get me wrong, these things are awesome but I don’t feel deserving of them as I’m not really interested in them. That’s the cool thing about this is I can give them as gifts. ^_^

I do think they could have been a teeesnie bit more creative with the theme title tho. This is the littlest of nitpicks but yeah, I think they should have brainstormed a different name instead of just adding 2.0. Power Teams maybe?

That Voltron shirt redeems all, though.

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