Lenni Reviews: Stormin’ Norman (Lyon Road Vets #4) by: Sue Brown

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I purchased this book for free from All Romance Ebooks and is intended for 18+.

Jesse is a covert agent who promised his boyfriend of seven years, Dan, tat he would retire without taking another assignment. When he breaks that promise, Jesse expects Dan to be waiting home as usual when he returns despite arguing before he leaves. This time Dan means business and when Jesse returns, Dan has moved on and has a new boyfriend. Now alone, Jesse adopts Norman at the convincing of his friends Evan and Peter (from the first book). Even with Norman for comfort, will Jesse be able to cope seeing Dan with another man when they share the same group of friends?

This book puts the series back on track. The last book felt so dull but Jesse, Dan, and the little bundle, Norman brought it right back to cute guys and cute dogs. I would love to have more detail on Jesse’s job but the focus really was on somehow getting Jesse and Dan to face their relationship. I give this one a 3 out of 5 for getting back to the tone of the series and telling a sweet – yet standard – love story.

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