Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 10 by Adachitoka

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With Yato still trapped by Izanami, Bishamonten has joined the mission to save him, insisting that Yukine and Hiyori stray behind. During the battle, we finally get to learn Yato’s real name as he uses an alies because real names obviously have power and  can be used against you in this world.

This is one of those volumes where it ends with the characters taking time to heal and figure things out. Since they never managed to rescue Ebisu, he’s been reborn but Yato and the other gods know Ebisu was a fall guy for someone else. With another crafter out there, Yato vows to become the type of god who helps people rather than be like his father who sent him to kill people.

We also get more information about Yato’s father in this volume and get to see him for the first time. As things get rolling with Yato, I’m wondering what his father’s plans really are and if the other gods will get on the ball and do something.


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