Loot Anime: “Unnatural”

  • Noragami hat
  • Mob Psycho 100 shirt
  • Death Note mug
  • Parasyte manga
  • Poster & Phone Charm

I’m not gonna lie, the cup is super cool but I have so many now, I’d rather some other item. XD

Out of this whole box, Death Note is the only fandom I’m familiar with. I’ve seen a bit of Parasyte here and there, I’ve read Noragami, but I have no idea what Mob Psycho is. I’ll have to look into that…

Of course, I’ll review the manga and possibly get to watching the anime in the future. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it even if the stretchy art style gives me the creeps (blame Uzumaki for that).

I do think I’m getting less individual items lately; despite the items themselves being cool. It’s far from feeling like a rip-off, just leaving me wanting more.

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Lenni Reviews: “Noragami: Stray God” vol 17 by Adachitoka

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Kazuma is trying to keep Bishamonten from being executed for freeing the Burial vessel but Bishamonten and the newly named shiki Nana refuse to give up their battle against the Crafter. Kazuma seems to be doing more harm than good and is stinging Bishamonten with his efforts.

I think the crafter battle is going on a little long and needs to wrap up now. As well written and drawn as it is, I feel like the story is stalled. I do get the feeling Kazuma won’t be around much longer and I am enjoying Nana s we learn more about her. Still good but I’m getting tired of typing “Yeah, still fighting” in my reviews. Time to move forward.

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Lenni Reviews: “Noragami” vol 16 by Adachitoka

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Bishamonten found and utilized the legendary Burial vessel in order to defeat the Crafter for good. In doing this, she has been charged with high treason and the heavens order her execution. Forced to face her fellow gods, Bishamonten refuses to relent and vows to do whatever it takes to stop the Crafter.

Aside for fan-service fodder, Bishamonten is proving to be a brave, powerful character with an interesting arch. I am surprised as the main plot of this series was about Yato and his drive to become a real god but this other plot line doesn’t feel tacked on or distracting. How Bishamonten’s journey will impact Yato in the long run remains to be seen but for now, the battles in this volume and very well drawn. A very fun, engaging series.

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Lenni Reviews: “Noragami: Stray God” vol 15 by Adachitoka


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While Bishamonten mourns the loss of one of her shiki, a divine counsel has been called, a meeting where all the gods get together to decides the fates of humans. This will be the first time Yato has attended since he has just been added to the registry as an official god. But Yukine no longer trusts Kazuma and is refusing to go despite the fact he has to as a blessed vessel.

Aside from the silly plot of Yato interfering with the choice of Hiyori’s soulmate, Takemikzuchi is lurking about with an interest in Yukine and Bishamonten is a no show at the counsel. She’s off plotting a way to defeat the crafter by freeing a shiki so dangerous, she’s been sealed away for thousands of years.

It’s obvious Bishamonten’s single minded hunt for the crafter is going to bite everyone in the ass. She’s still grieving the loss of her shiki and not thinking things through. What this will mean for everyone else, we’ll have to see. But I hope Stray gets her ass killed. She’s still sneaking around.

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Lenni Reviews: “Noragami: Stray God” vol 14 by Ndachitoka

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After the horrible events caused by Yato’s father, Hiyori and her family do their best to cope. But Yato blames himself for all the hardship befalling her and he runs away; refusing to go back to her until he’s a true god of happiness.

As an aside to this story, one of Bishamonten’s shiki was injured during the previous battle and her name begins to crack; causing her memories to return. Even under the threat of her shiki turning into a demon, Bishamomten is attempting every other option available other than releasing the spirit.

I love how this series is getting darker and more layered. Sadly, I’ve caught up to all the published volumes and have to wait for the next one but this story is very intriguing. I love how we learn more about Hiyori’s family. Apparently, seeing spirits is a family trait! And Hiyori’s grandmother is a badass archer! Very awesome. I wonder if she will factor in the inevitable battle with Yato’s father.

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Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 13 by Adachitoka

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Hiyori finally finds out who Koto really is. After Yato warns her away, Hiyori accepts Koto’s presence as a challenge and incurs his wrath. Yato and Yukine stay by her side to protect her but how far will it all go? How many people will Koto hurt and will Hiyori give in and let Koto manipulate her?

Yikes, this volume is… Mean. Yato’s father is a smarmy bastard. But I’m glad Yato is so devoted to Hiyori’s wellbeing even though a romantic angle has not been explored so far. I wonder if in the next volume, Yato will decide to just run from Hiyori after seeing what type of chaos his father is willing to cause in her life. I hope Hiyori and Yato kick his ass.

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Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 12 by Adachitoka

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In this volume we get to know this ‘secret of the gods’ and Yato meets his father hiding in the form of a teenager; Koto. And (mild spoilers if you didn’t figure this out from the final scene in the last volume) it is no coincidence Koto is Hiyori’s classmate. But Stray is lingering around seeking revenge on Yato by killing Yukine.

When the secret it revealed, I love that it tied in with the theme of names having power in this universe. We get a ton of back story on Yato, his father, and Stray back when Yato was just a child. Yato’s father has been training him to kill and consider it playtime. When Yato befriends and makes a shiki of a spirit he names Sakura, Stray gets jealous and of course ruins everything.Stray is such a twisted little shit, I wonder when this little brat is gonna get her comeuppance.

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Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 11 by Adachitoka

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In this volume, Yato is desperate to make Hiyori happy after the events surrounding his rescue. He tries so hard, it comes off a little creepy sometimes. But when we get a little backstory on Kofuku, it makes Yato’s overzealous attempts understandable. Kofuku is a goddess of poverty who brings hardship whereever she goes and that can be hard when everyone hates you and blames you for their problems. All she wants is to make her shiki, Daikoku, happy but when that backfired, Yato saw it all and was there to help. Yato is a god of calamity as well but he cares for Hiyori enough to be a little crazy when trying to make her happy.

Despite that happy diversion, Yato takes on a job that leads to hints at a ‘god’s secret’ which cannot be revealed. It’s described at something that can break a shiki so of course Stray is lurking around and wants to use it against Yato. Based on how this series has gone so car, this secret is bound to be messed up.

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Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 10 by Adachitoka

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With Yato still trapped by Izanami, Bishamonten has joined the mission to save him, insisting that Yukine and Hiyori stray behind. During the battle, we finally get to learn Yato’s real name as he uses an alies because real names obviously have power and  can be used against you in this world.

This is one of those volumes where it ends with the characters taking time to heal and figure things out. Since they never managed to rescue Ebisu, he’s been reborn but Yato and the other gods know Ebisu was a fall guy for someone else. With another crafter out there, Yato vows to become the type of god who helps people rather than be like his father who sent him to kill people.

We also get more information about Yato’s father in this volume and get to see him for the first time. As things get rolling with Yato, I’m wondering what his father’s plans really are and if the other gods will get on the ball and do something.


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Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 9 by Adachitoka

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Yato goes with Ebisu to see the Queen of the Yomi; Izanami, who can appear in different forms depending on who is looking at her. To Yato, she looks like Hiyori. Ebisu wants her to make him a crafter but she will only do so if one of them stays behind to be her ‘friend.’ Meanwhile, Hiyori is looking for Yato and comes across Kugaha, who is apparently going by another name so Yukine can’t cast spells on him anymore. Since strays have more than one name, that makes them more difficult opponents.

Aside for trying to escape Izanami, we learn some more back story on Ebisu and why he wants to become a crafter. His logic is a little wonky but anyone would be wonky if they were told from their creation not to worry about dying because they can just be replaced. Gee, no wonder these gods have problems.

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