Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 12 by Adachitoka

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In this volume we get to know this ‘secret of the gods’ and Yato meets his father hiding in the form of a teenager; Koto. And (mild spoilers if you didn’t figure this out from the final scene in the last volume) it is no coincidence Koto is Hiyori’s classmate. But Stray is lingering around seeking revenge on Yato by killing Yukine.

When the secret it revealed, I love that it tied in with the theme of names having power in this universe. We get a ton of back story on Yato, his father, and Stray back when Yato was just a child. Yato’s father has been training him to kill and consider it playtime. When Yato befriends and makes a shiki of a spirit he names Sakura, Stray gets jealous and of course ruins everything.Stray is such a twisted little shit, I wonder when this little brat is gonna get her comeuppance.

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