Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 11 by Adachitoka

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In this volume, Yato is desperate to make Hiyori happy after the events surrounding his rescue. He tries so hard, it comes off a little creepy sometimes. But when we get a little backstory on Kofuku, it makes Yato’s overzealous attempts understandable. Kofuku is a goddess of poverty who brings hardship whereever she goes and that can be hard when everyone hates you and blames you for their problems. All she wants is to make her shiki, Daikoku, happy but when that backfired, Yato saw it all and was there to help. Yato is a god of calamity as well but he cares for Hiyori enough to be a little crazy when trying to make her happy.

Despite that happy diversion, Yato takes on a job that leads to hints at a ‘god’s secret’ which cannot be revealed. It’s described at something that can break a shiki so of course Stray is lurking around and wants to use it against Yato. Based on how this series has gone so car, this secret is bound to be messed up.

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