Finally Watched It: Quarantine 2: Terminal

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In this installment, some contrived circumstances lead to the same plague from the first movie ending up on a plane. They gotta land and they get locked in a terminal to keep the sickness in.

This movie lost me at the first shot; which is a woman’s cleavage. The entire thing can be summed up with “What do you get when a bunch of cliches get on a plane with a zombie?” And like REC 3, this movie completely ditches the ‘found footage’ angle. It’s just a formulaic zombie movie. You can tell who’s gonna die within the first ten minutes and you’re either relieved because they’re stupid or you don’t care because you saw it coming a mile away.

Also, I am certain I’m on some sort of government watch list now because I was researching proper quarantine procedures because I’m sure the movie got something wrong.

Unlike REC 2, which was tense and interesting, I got nothing new from this movie. It’s every thing you’ve ever seen in a bland horror movie from the characterization, to the predictable writing, the standard camera angles and over-the-top gore. I watched this and Watership Down in the same day and the dead bunnies disturbed me more. It just had no heart and is absolutely forgettable.

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