Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 13 by Adachitoka

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Hiyori finally finds out who Koto really is. After Yato warns her away, Hiyori accepts Koto’s presence as a challenge and incurs his wrath. Yato and Yukine stay by her side to protect her but how far will it all go? How many people will Koto hurt and will Hiyori give in and let Koto manipulate her?

Yikes, this volume is… Mean. Yato’s father is a smarmy bastard. But I’m glad Yato is so devoted to Hiyori’s wellbeing even though a romantic angle has not been explored so far. I wonder if in the next volume, Yato will decide to just run from Hiyori after seeing what type of chaos his father is willing to cause in her life. I hope Hiyori and Yato kick his ass.

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