Lenni Reviews: “Your Lie In April” vol 2 by Naoshi Arakawa

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Kosei and Kaori take the stage in Kosei’s first outing playing in public since his mother died and he began to freeze on stage. Not to spoil what happens too badly but I’m glad Kosei didn’t get everything perfect on the first try. That would have been way too contrived. But afterward, Kaori faints and ends up in the hospital. She appears to come out fine but as I read through this volume, without knowing any spoilers or clues for the following volumes (including cover images) I found myself thinking: “Aww, Kaori is pretty awesome! Shit, she’s gonna die or something, isn’t she…”

I have a feeling I’m right. Kaori is too wistful and fearless. I’m getting a strong “Bridge to Terabithia” vibe from her.

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