Lenni Reviews: “Noragami: Stray God” vol 14 by Ndachitoka

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After the horrible events caused by Yato’s father, Hiyori and her family do their best to cope. But Yato blames himself for all the hardship befalling her and he runs away; refusing to go back to her until he’s a true god of happiness.

As an aside to this story, one of Bishamonten’s shiki was injured during the previous battle and her name begins to crack; causing her memories to return. Even under the threat of her shiki turning into a demon, Bishamomten is attempting every other option available other than releasing the spirit.

I love how this series is getting darker and more layered. Sadly, I’ve caught up to all the published volumes and have to wait for the next one but this story is very intriguing. I love how we learn more about Hiyori’s family. Apparently, seeing spirits is a family trait! And Hiyori’s grandmother is a badass archer! Very awesome. I wonder if she will factor in the inevitable battle with Yato’s father.

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