Lenni Reviews: “Your Lie in April” vol 6 by Naoshi Arakawa

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Kaori receives an invitation to play at a gala concert to celebrate the winners of the competition where they didn’t manage to advance. Seizing this chance, Kaori chooses the song she and Kosei will perform and begins the grueling practice immediately. But the piece Kaori picked is the dame song Kosei’s mother used to play all the time and Kosei, understandably, has difficulty staying focused and motivated. With his mother’s friend, Hiroko, mentoring him, Kosei will once again attempt to take the stage and make that piano sing.

Kosei is still working through his pain and anger and, while I would like to see this kid get some real therapy; stepping up to face his fears is admirable and inspiring. Major props to his character. This is definitely a story about working through loss bit by bit and coming back into life through sadness instead of letting it consume you or keep you from living to the fullest. I am really enjoying this journey.

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