Lenni Reviews: “Your Lie In April” vol 5 by Naoshi Arakawa

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Kosei, mid performance, sees the phantom of his mother and can’t keep playing; effectively ruining his chances of winning. When his rivals seem him stop, gather himself, and continue without a stitch of regret, they begin to see a flash of the young boy who played with such passion in the past.

Right now the story is all about Kosei rediscovering playing music because he loves it and not because he’s trying to make his mother happy. He still can’t get though an entire performance on stage without freezing up but his friends are still there to support him; including Hiroko Seto: Japan’s leading pianist and a former friend and classmate of Kosei’s mother. Hiroko saw what Kosei was going through under his mother’s heel and offers to help him out. It’s great to see this character making these small steps in coming to terms with his past for the sake of his future.

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