Finally Watched It: The Host

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After a couple of idiot scientists decide the best place to dump a bunch of chemicals down a drain that leads to Han river, some creature mutates and starts attacking people. After getting no help from the authorities, one family decides to rescue a young girl themselves.

This movie calls itself “one of the greatest monster movies ever made,” and I have to agree. It’s tense, interesting, original, and just plain cool. You can tell there’s a bravery to it and some humor. The story is told well with some fun surprises and the creature effects are fairly impressive.

I also enjoyed this film’s realism. When people get hit, they go down and stay down. They don’t shake off a three story fall like in a lot of other action movies. I can’t speak to all the physics but when a character hits a wall, you don’t see them for a bit. They are indeed hurt.

If I had one complaint, not to spoil much, it would be this grieving scene that just goes on and on. At the start, I was touched, perhaps even shed a tear… But as it went on I started to think “Okay, plot time now! Time to wrap it up.” Overall, a totally awesome movie! Everyone who told me this movie was worth watching was right.

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