Lenni Reviews: “Your Lie in April” vol 7 by Naoshi Arakawa

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After Kosei’s amazing yet still uneven performance, he is able to process some of his conflicting feelings about his deceased mother. But he was playing alone! What happened to Kaori?

We also get some backstory on Kosei’s best friend, Tsubaki. I have to ashamedly say I’d been so focused on Kosei and his struggle that Tsubaki’s changing feelings for her friend went totally under the radar for me! I feel bad because she’s a cool character. I like her! Hopefully, she will have more of a presence as we go along.

And Kaori ended up in the hospital! I knew she was too happy and quirky not to be ill in some sort of way. We don’t find out yet but when that ball finally drops, I’m sure it will derail all the progress Kosei has made.

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