Lenni Reviews: “Noragami: Stray God” vol 15 by Adachitoka


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While Bishamonten mourns the loss of one of her shiki, a divine counsel has been called, a meeting where all the gods get together to decides the fates of humans. This will be the first time Yato has attended since he has just been added to the registry as an official god. But Yukine no longer trusts Kazuma and is refusing to go despite the fact he has to as a blessed vessel.

Aside from the silly plot of Yato interfering with the choice of Hiyori’s soulmate, Takemikzuchi is lurking about with an interest in Yukine and Bishamonten is a no show at the counsel. She’s off plotting a way to defeat the crafter by freeing a shiki so dangerous, she’s been sealed away for thousands of years.

It’s obvious Bishamonten’s single minded hunt for the crafter is going to bite everyone in the ass. She’s still grieving the loss of her shiki and not thinking things through. What this will mean for everyone else, we’ll have to see. But I hope Stray gets her ass killed. She’s still sneaking around.

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