Finally Watched It: Mad Max: Fury Road

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When this movie came out, all my friends were on me to see it. I finally got my hands on the DVD and gave it a watch.

Do I really need to summarize this movie for you? Geez, check out the IMDB page

This movie doesn’t fuck about. It picks you up in it’s teeth, locks it’s jaw, and shakes the shit out of you only stopping to check if you still have a pulse. Then by the end you need a cigarette.

I have a soft spot in my heart for action movies that keep you on the edge and every character is strong and worth watching no matter what gender they are. Man, did I ever enjoy this movie; even though I have to say Beyond Thunderdome is still my favorite in this series. More movies need to use practical effects in their action scenes. Limited CG is best, in my opinion.

I think my only real gripe is the one thing all these apocalyptic and dystopian stories seem to forget: Bicycles! Fucking bicycles! No gas needed and there are ways to to heavy loads with them. And how awesome would it have been to have a hundred bikers pulling a war machine like sailors rowing a ship?! Yeah, the sand would be a bitch but not needing massive amounts of fuel has got to be a plus.

Anyway, I’m glad I watched it. Totally worth my time.

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