Lenni Reviews: “Noragami” vol 16 by Adachitoka

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Bishamonten found and utilized the legendary Burial vessel in order to defeat the Crafter for good. In doing this, she has been charged with high treason and the heavens order her execution. Forced to face her fellow gods, Bishamonten refuses to relent and vows to do whatever it takes to stop the Crafter.

Aside for fan-service fodder, Bishamonten is proving to be a brave, powerful character with an interesting arch. I am surprised as the main plot of this series was about Yato and his drive to become a real god but this other plot line doesn’t feel tacked on or distracting. How Bishamonten’s journey will impact Yato in the long run remains to be seen but for now, the battles in this volume and very well drawn. A very fun, engaging series.

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