Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 9 by Adachitoka

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Yato goes with Ebisu to see the Queen of the Yomi; Izanami, who can appear in different forms depending on who is looking at her. To Yato, she looks like Hiyori. Ebisu wants her to make him a crafter but she will only do so if one of them stays behind to be her ‘friend.’ Meanwhile, Hiyori is looking for Yato and comes across Kugaha, who is apparently going by another name so Yukine can’t cast spells on him anymore. Since strays have more than one name, that makes them more difficult opponents.

Aside for trying to escape Izanami, we learn some more back story on Ebisu and why he wants to become a crafter. His logic is a little wonky but anyone would be wonky if they were told from their creation not to worry about dying because they can just be replaced. Gee, no wonder these gods have problems.

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