Lenni Reviews: Noragami: Stray God vol 8 by Adachitoka

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Yato has been kidnapped by Stray in order to perform little jobs for his father. We’ve yet to see him in full but the jobs he sends Yato on are basically executions of bad people. But Yato has been gone so long, Hiyori is starting to forget him and a meeting of the gods has been called to find out who has been making the masked demons that have been causing problems; so Yato’s presence is glaring and problematic.

It was sad to see Hiyori get so distressed over losing her memories while simultaneously trying to have a normal teenage life. You also get to know what kind of god Yato is and how hard he is willing to fight to ensure he’s never forgotten. These are all characters I’m rooting for and I can’t wait to see where it goes now.

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