Lenni Reviews: Your Lie in April vol 1 by Naoshi Arakawa

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Ever since his overbearing mother died, Kosei Arima has been unable to play the piano. Now his life is “all monotone,” as he puts it. When he meets Kaori Miyazono, he feels inspired when he sees her playing music. Turns out she is an accomplished violinist who’s style shakes up the establishment. She ignores conventions and makes the music her own; not giving a single damn about winning, only her love of playing. Kosei’s mother literally beat it into him that there is nothing other than being number one so when Kaori asks him to be her accompaniment, Kosei isn’t sure if he can perform or if he truly wants to.

I can totally relate to losing interest in a talent because some abusive person ruined it for me and it takes a lot of mental work to get back to enjoying these things again; so Kosei is a sympathetic character for me. I’m glad that seeing Kaori perform doesn’t instantly snap him out of it by the end of the volume but he still makes an effort to try. Kaori’s enthusiasm is infectious and so far, all the characters I’ve met so far I like. Right now, the only conflict is Kosei’s inability to play without freezing up but I’m sure this series will throw something else into the mix. Nice calm opening to what I hope will be a fun series.

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