#Influenster Endless Summer VoxBox

  • Numi tea
  • Seche nail color
  • Iron Tek protein powder
  • Not Your Mother’s leave in conditioner
  • Max Factor shadow and mascara

Eventually, I’ll get around to reviewing all this stuff but any box that sends me tea is a win in my book. Numi tea is pretty good, too so I’m pleased with the randomness of getting this box.

Despite the fact I’ve given up wearing make-up until the weather cools, I’m glad I got the eye stuff. It’ll come in handy for the fall. I’ll get around to the conditioner

Now, the box for the nail polish is deceiving because there are three sections but only two items. There’s the color and the top coat. What a waste for that container. What was the point in that? I don’t need your help to get confused; Influenster. I’m already perpetually confused.

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#Influenster Super Mom Vox Box


Well… First off I gotta say that as a mom, I get a little tired of household stuff. Maybe I want a BBQ utensil set? A fancy tool kit to fix things around the house (that isn’t effing pink)? I see more stuff advertised around Father’s Day that I want than Mother’s Day but hey, I’m a badass. Not many know that. πŸ˜‰

Anywho… This box came courtesy of Influenster and does have things I can use. We got Palmolive, Secret, Flossers, Suave, Pilot, and a Daisy sour cream coupon tucked in there. I love getting little free deodorantΒ samples because they are perfect to keep in my bag over the summer. And if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know my thing with pens so, yay for those! I’ll be adding them to my growing collection. The rest I’ll save for when I need them down the line. I’m sure they’ll come in handy.

All in all, these Influenster things aren’t bad. I get useful things most of the time. You have to qualify to get them but its worth it.

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Influenster – The Good Life VoxBox


I got this nifty little box from Influenster a couple days ago and right off the bat, the first thing I couldn’t wait to try out was the New-Skin liquid bandage. When I workout, I workout HARD so blisters are a common part of life for me. Also, as a librarian, so are paper cuts. πŸ˜‰ I can see that coming in handy when kept in my purse; as would be the to go pain relief. Sore muscles, you see…

As for the snacks? I don’t like yogurt at all. It all tastes like sour milk to me. :p I plan to pass that off to my kid, who I can get to eat anything once it seems. XD I am a fan of Vitamin Shoppe and I’m willing to give the Thin Biscuits a try. But honestly? It’s the first aid stuff I’m most likely to buy. ^_^

Influenster Cosmo Box


I love getting swag… XD Especially chocolate swag. Above is the Influester Cosmo Box. I can already tell I’m going to enjoy it because it includes two of my favorite things: Chocolate and pens. I haven’t cracked into the razor yet but the perfume is very nice.

I’m not entirely sure why I got picked for THIS box (seeing as I’m not that girly) but yay! Gotta love the chance to review fun stuff. πŸ™‚