#Influenster Super Mom Vox Box


Well… First off I gotta say that as a mom, I get a little tired of household stuff. Maybe I want a BBQ utensil set? A fancy tool kit to fix things around the house (that isn’t effing pink)? I see more stuff advertised around Father’s Day that I want than Mother’s Day but hey, I’m a badass. Not many know that. šŸ˜‰

Anywho… This box came courtesy of Influenster and does have things I can use. We got Palmolive, Secret, Flossers, Suave, Pilot, and a Daisy sour cream coupon tucked in there. I love getting little free deodorantĀ samples because they are perfect to keep in my bag over the summer. And if you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know my thing with pens so, yay for those! I’ll be adding them to my growing collection. The rest I’ll save for when I need them down the line. I’m sure they’ll come in handy.

All in all, these Influenster things aren’t bad. I get useful things most of the time. You have to qualify to get them but its worth it.

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