Finally Watched It: Watership Down

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If, like me, you’ve never seen or particularly heard of this movie; it’s about a young rabbit named Fiver who has a vision of his warren being in great danger and and he tries to get everyone to leave. Only a few end up following him and the rest of the movie is this small group trying to find a new home.

With that synopsis, I can see how parents would just pop this in thinking it’s a cute, fun little animated feature. NOPE! There’s some pretty nightmarish imagery! There’s blood, gore, death, and it barely flinches. I hope I don’t spoil too much when I say there’s train tracks involved and I flinched but thankfully the movie spared me there.

I generally enjoy when a movie doesn’t pander or talk down to children but this is a movie where a parent should know what’s in it and decide based on their individual kid. I personally would rather not sit my kid down to watch it; it’s pretty dark and violent. But I’m glad I saw it. It made me want to read the book.

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