March 2017 Loot Crate: Primal

  • Metals Die Cast Wolverine Figure
  • Overwatch Winston Shirt
  • Predator Bottle Opener
  • Jurassic World Sign
  • Primal Loot Pin

I think the Wolverine figure is pretty amazing but out of all of this stuff, the sign is my favorite. Just because it made me giggle. At first, I thought the shirt was actually from the game Primal Rage; which I was obsessed with back when it came out. I will confess, I was a little disappointed it wasn’t but Overwatch is cool, too. Referencing that game I think would be too obscure of a throwback, though. I can’t even recall any of my friends back then talking about that game.

The bottle opener is ok and the statue has some real weight to it. I can safely say that alone makes this crate worth the cost. I am looking into some zip ties to hang the sign up (along with another sign I have floating around) and I will proudly be displaying it outside. I want the whole neighborhood to know how big a geek I am.

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Finally Watched It: “Jurassic World”


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Well… This movie happened.

I had so many issues trying to get into this movie because there were so many failures in logic, I was grumbling under my breath for most of the running time.

  • People don’t seem to get bored going to regular zoos, I take issue with the public at large getting bored with fucking dinosaurs.
  • Why can’t a man and a woman have a working relationship – even a cantankerous one – without a romantic subplot? You could have cut that out all together and it would have been fine.
  • Why is it a thing in moves to ignore the expert when said expert was called in for help in the first place? His/her answer may not be the one you want but it is what you called them in to do!!!
  • Weaponizing dinosaurs is stupid. Aside for the fact there are plenty of existing animals that can be used for this purpose; wouldn’t it just be cheaper to do so? This side plot could have been cut. Morons who cannot and should not be in charge of a theme park is bad enough. You don’t have to bring in Evil Military Trope Man into the mess.
  • How do you not evacuate the park immediately? Is this in a universe where terrorism doesn’t exist and there is no sense of urgency to protect the public? We live in a reality where a city block radius is cleared for a suspicious package. You can’t get away with this kind of oversight in a movie anymore.
  • And speaking of which, there’s no evacuation plan?! What if it’s something simple like a hurricane is coming? How do you not have a solid evacuation plan in a place filled with man eating animals on an island!!? Regular island resorts and parks have plans for this without the added risk of being eaten by one of the attractions.

The bad-ass fight at the end it was saved this movie. If you cut out all the drama and massive failures in management I would have enjoyed it more but WOW! Very awesome.

I’d be ok with not making another one, though…

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