March 2017 Loot Crate: Primal

  • Metals Die Cast Wolverine Figure
  • Overwatch Winston Shirt
  • Predator Bottle Opener
  • Jurassic World Sign
  • Primal Loot Pin

I think the Wolverine figure is pretty amazing but out of all of this stuff, the sign is my favorite. Just because it made me giggle. At first, I thought the shirt was actually from the game Primal Rage; which I was obsessed with back when it came out. I will confess, I was a little disappointed it wasn’t but Overwatch is cool, too. Referencing that game I think would be too obscure of a throwback, though. I can’t even recall any of my friends back then talking about that game.

The bottle opener is ok and the statue has some real weight to it. I can safely say that alone makes this crate worth the cost. I am looking into some zip ties to hang the sign up (along with another sign I have floating around) and I will proudly be displaying it outside. I want the whole neighborhood to know how big a geek I am.

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