Today’s Workout: Crashing


For some reason, Zombies Run kept crashing on me during my workout. After the third time, I just gave up and let Google Fit handle it. When I started, my knee was aching but after my warmup I was able to keep a relaxed pace for the rest of the run. The time passed pretty quickly, considering I didn’t have the mission to listen to. I’ll try again later in the week. Maybe they’ll roll out an update.

 Since I had the day off, I decided on beef ribs for lunch. I know people usually make complicated meals with these but, I literally just cook them on my grill pan with garlic powder, salt, and pepper. I don’t eat them often since they’re expensive but I felt like I needed a treat.

The second meal was complicated. Of course the weather randomly decides to get super warm when I need to use the oven for hours… I haven’t made spaghetti and meatballs in a long time and I’ve been meaning to use up the ground beef and pork I have. The portion in that bowl was WAY too much for me and I’m gonna end up finishing it off for lunch tomorrow and I have so much sauce left that dinner is gonna be easy for the rest of the week. I will have to add something green to this. I have some baby broccoli floating around that I bet would go great with this.

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Today’s Workout: Fueled by ghosts

I’m enjoying trying out the Dead Sled coffees I have around. This one is cookies and cream and even though I put too much cream in it, I like this one. It’s really satisfying.

Today was just the desk peddler since I had a lot of work to do at work and tonight I’m working on finalizing my new story to release on Friday. I just want to make sure things flow right and I catch as many typos as I can before the book releases.

My MyFitnessPal account is public if you want to friend me on there but as you can see, I have lost 2 more pounds. I’m 206.8 now after creeping back up to 211 when I took on this challenge to fit into the cosplay dress. There’s exactly a week before NYCC and maybe I can drop another 2, fingers crossed. I don’t feel any different; other than accomplished with what I’ve done so far. I’ve lost 25.4 pounds since I started the Saxenda. The real challenge now is to keep up the progress off of that medication. The side effects are NOT something I want to deal with while spending hours walking around in the city or Javitz Center with public bathrooms as my only option AND wearing a costume. Noooooooo thank you!

This is almost the last of the chicken and sweet potato I figure there’s one more meal’s worth out of those leftovers which is perfect because tomorrow I work late and have to bring two meals to eat instead of one. I plan on making my usual meat and bok choy to use in my electric lunch box. Misfits Market has been on point with the bok choy lately. They don’t always have it and I just can’t get broccoli from them anymore.

Now, I’m back to typo hunting…

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Today’s Workouts: Slow Progress

This is the leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. It turned out pretty good; even on the second day. Once I got home, I wasn’t hungry at all so I just made myself some popcorn as a snack, then did my bodyweight workouts.

This was the desk peddler at work and the resistance is up to the highest setting so I really felt this in my thighs and I was breathing faster.

I did just the abs and stretching for today since I’m pretty sore from yesterday and I don’t want to overdo it. Good news is I’d jumped up to 211 and I’m back down to 209 so this is working so far! I have more to go but I bet I can make it if I stay on track.

I also have my new blood test results which are odd but that’s another entry for another day.

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Today’s Workouts: Dafuq is up with my camera…


I did the desk peddler today as early as I could today but I didn’t have as much time as I would have hoped.


This was today’s lunch but for some reason when I try to take a picture of my dinner, the camera decides it’s not gonna bother to save it. You’re just gonna have to believe me that I made chicken thigh pieces with garlic and broccoli. You’ll probably see it tomorrow as my lunch since I made a big batch.

I did my two workout apps and the stretching and I’m feeling okay about how today turned out. I was able to curb my salt to a reasonable degree and I’m officially out of any bad snacks I could have. I did miss making coffee this morning and it’s presence was sorely missed. Tomorrow morning we will be reunited.

Also, I’m still writing and editing; as you can tell from my dramatics.

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Today’s Workout and More Electric Lunch Box Food


I felt pretty productive today; finishing off a bunch of books, returning them, clearing away space on my desk, and making sure I have a healthy lunch and prepped what I wanna make for dinner… And I was able to get my heart rate up enough to make me feel like some good calorie burn happened.

Now, I was talking about the electric lunchbox I use at work – where my co-workers get mad it’s not a buffet and don’t bring enough to share – and the steamed meals I make in them.

These are the raw ingredients before I started cooking. Those are small bits of sliced chicken in soy sauce with my usual spices: paprika, cumin and red pepper. I use plain noodles and break the block in half. One pack is over 400 calories, no way I’m eating the whole thing. The greens are bok choy, sliced garlic, white onion, and ginger. I end up having to cook in stages; the chicken first for 15 minutes, add the bok choy in the top section at the 15 minute mark, and the noodles in hot water at the 20 minute mark. At 25 minutes, it’s all done.wp-1663292941402

Sometimes (as in most of the time), I end up over packing the vegetables. I eat what’s cooked and let the rest steam a bit longer. I don’t like my veggies too soggy. I like the crunch. When I do broccoli, I leave the veggies in the entire time since that takes much longer to cook than the bok choy. The water I use to cook the noodles dilutes the soy sauce (I try to use low sodium but that’s not always on sale and I’m a cheap bitch) and the chili crunch is just delicious and fun.

This is a filling dinner that is so satisfying (even though the red pepper makes my nose run, which is gross but worth it). If I get one pack of chicken tenders from Trader Joe’s or Butcher Box, that makes two of these types of meals. I change up the vegetables (I already ranted about my issues with the broccoli from Misfits Market here) and those ramen packs are so cheap when they’re on discount and also last two meals. If I don’t have any noodles, I just add more veggies.

One of these days, I’ll post the version of this I make with lemon chicken and peppers (unless I did that already and fuck it, I’ll do it again) which I have had mixed results adding rice but for that, I just skip the carbs entirely. Rice is hit or miss for me with the electric lunch box. Or at least this kind of electric lunch box because I backed a different one on Kickstarter (yeah, not sponsored or an affiliate for anything I have linked here) that I’ll have to play around with when I get it to see what kinds of meals I can make or if it’s best for just reheating things. Either one would help me out since the microwave can kill food sometimes.

So… I went on a tangent about my food and the geeky products I own. If I put this meal into MyFitnessPal, it’s about 500 calories total; which is good for me since I don’t feel the need to snack at all hours after eating this. If I make this for lunch, I don’t even need dinner. That’s probably the Saxenda as a factor as well but a good workout and getting my steps in burns all this off no problem.

Uhm… I don’t have anything clever to say to end this. I’m tired and going to bed.

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Today’s Workout: Extra Cardio

Since I had to run to the store on my lunch break, I figured I’d count that as a workout for today. I had some quick leftovers for lunch so I had the time. Plus, it was a nice day! Even though the wind was a little cold.

I haven’t been cooking my lunch at work lately just because I’m out of the meat I usually use. My Butcher Box is coming up so I can’t wait to make my usual lunches. In the meantime, I’ve been over cooking dinner and prepping lunch as I plate the food. I am experimenting with what I get from my Misfit Market (that’s saving me some money on veggies, for sure) so I usually end up with something fairly healthy. I’ll see about posting more photos of my meals. I usually forget and just snarf down the food so I can move on to the next task.

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Today’s Workout: Biking and How I Make My Lunch At Work


I’m doing a bunch of training this week and I’m doing a big push at home with my writing and needlework so, I figured biking at work would be best. Once I hit the house, I hang up my coat, snarf down some food, then go to the side work.

But speaking of food, I thought I’d share an example of how I prep and cook my food at work.


I use my Itaki electric lunch box. What I do is use the containers and prep the ingredients at home.


I use different meats (I haven’t successfully tried fish yet) and this time was some steak. I slice it up small and marinate it in soy sauce, cumin, paprika, and red pepper. Either I prep it in the morning or the night before but it gets to sit in those seasonings for awhile in the fridge. I’ve also experimented making chicken marinated in lemon juice and lemon pepper seasoning. That’s a refreshing meal.


This box has more capacity so I fill those spots with vegetables. I tried noodles a couple times and rice but on the Saxenda, the carbs are too much and I can’t finish it. This time is bok choy but my go to is broccoli. Mostly because I like my veggies crunchy and it takes about 20-25 minutes for the meat to be done. That makes the broccoli perfect for me but the bok choy ends up too soggy. I keep those off until the tail end of the cooking.







As you can see, I also add sliced garlic and onions. Sometimes I get fancy and add some ginger. This is my go to when I have time to prep and cook at work. Not every day gives me enough time so I bring leftovers or a salad.


I also love to add this stuff. It’s amazing.

The caloric intake varies on what ingredients I use and hovers around 290-350 calories. It’s hearty and filling for me, even before I was on the Saxenda. I think I tried tofu once (I vaguely recall this) and it wasn’t as satisfying. I may try it again but I found a great concoction that works for me.

Obviously, this means I have a place to plug this in and a lunch hour long enough to cook and eat this without feeling like I’m shoveling the food down my throat. There are other combinations I’d like to try, too. I’ve seen some impressive meals floating around on YouTube. It’s a fun little gadget to have.

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Interesting Meal Prep (Nope, not sponsored)

I started getting Misfit Market to save some money on vegetables but I have noticed that I end up with stuff that still goes bad too quickly. So, I decided to get creative.

I got a bag of potatoes that there was no way I was going to use up by eating a baked potato with dinner every so often. I figured making chips was the best way to use up the whole bag and satisfy my regular cravings for salty crunchy things. Only drawback is I underestimated how salty Trader Joe’s Cheesy Seasoning was on it’s own and added too much salt. The chips are still good but I know anyone but me probably wouldn’t be able to tolerate them. I combined the cheesy seasoning with garlic powder as well. Awesome combination, in my opinion.

I also got cabbage and the first box I had with cabbage in it I kept with all the good intentions of using it but I hadda toss it. This time, I chopped up half of the red and white head of cabbage, sliced up one red and one white onion, seasoned it with (a reasonable amount of) salt and pepper, a dash of onion salt, some cilantro, and lime juice. I let it sit for awhile as I prepped the chicken thighs.


The chicken was from Butcher Box (so I had a lot of this as well) and was marinated in lemon juice, rosemary, garlic salt, pepper, and paprika. I probably should have done it overnight but it was just for 5-6 hours or so. I led them keep marinating while I made the chips and when the chips were done, I just fried them in the same oil. Not the healthiest way to cook them but I wanted to get all the use I could out of that oil.

The warm chicken and cold cabbage were surprisingly refreshing! I would totally make this again for a lighter dinner than pasta or chili. And it gave me plenty of leftovers to pack for lunch today.


I reheated the chicken on the top of the container in the microwave for one minute to keep the other ingredients cold. All together, this lunch is about 390 calories and is really filling. And in that picture, you can see how over salted some of those chips are. Luckily, there’s a decent balance of too much and just fine and since there was so much seasoning on the chips, the rest of the meal didn’t need it.

And heck, it’s pretty to look at!

Most of the time, I bring in ingredients to cook at work. The next time I do that I’ll post about it but it’s meals like this that come in handy when I don’t want to or can’t spend half of my lunch break cooking the food. This was quick and tasty. Absolutely gonna make this again.

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On the nature of forgiveness: Brain Dump

If it’s one thing women are supposed to be able to do insanely well, it’s hold a grudge. Hell hath no fury and all that crap (I have more respect for the classics than I let on, just bear with me here). But forgiveness is another matter.

This is on my brain because sometimes I really sit back and remember all the really stupid things I’ve done over the course of my life. I try pretty darn hard not to do things deliberately to hurt people so if I do, I feel absolutely HORRIBLE about it. I don’t mean: “Yesterday, I stepped on someone’s foot and neglected to say sorry.” I mean “I did something silly like mention my husband’s double cheeseburger habit to a family of Orthodox Jewish friends YEARS ago and when it pops up in my head, I am nearly in tears with guilt.” Ridiculous, right? I should have forgiven myself when those people in question quite frankly didn’t give a shit what other people ate but to this day, I have a twinge of guilt.

Right now, I’m working on a part in Greenhouse where the reader will probably have a devil of a time forgiving Auris for what he’s allowed to happen; so getting Darjeeling to forgive him in a believable way will be difficult. With the nature of forgiveness on my creative mind, it stands to reason it would flood into the rest of it, as well. I’ve hurt a girl, I’ve been the hurt girl. In both cases, those are tears I will never forget. In the former remembering those tears is like a knife to the heart. In the latter, I want a knife in my hand. T_T Neither of these people are going to leave my life, so what do I do? This is made especially difficult since I have issues dealing with my own feelings in a healthy matter overall. Mama taught her little Lenni that life’s too short for feelings. You pick your shit up, keep working, and keep going because tears don’t pay the damn bills. You cry when you have time. Great for keeping lights on, backs clothed, and bellies full. Not so great in the “Now let’s write about feelings” department.

This is one of those self help deals that takes a long time to work through and there is no way in hell I am holding off on writing the story to wrap my head around this (just after breaking though my block? Are you kidding me?!) so any advice would be appreciated. @_@

(and I had pasta salad for lunch today!! XD)

Time of death:

There is just a point where you give it up. You’re staring at the page, wondering where those last two hours went and why the paper hates you so very much. This occurred last night. Sometimes you really have to just accept the writer’s block and call it a night before you kill someone in frustration.

I’ll admit it, I had a short temper with a certain little girl who refused to sleep in a very reasonable expression of toddler behavior. Blocked creativity can do that to a lady. I’m doing better today but honestly, there are just times where I have to tell my daily word goal to "suck it," and do whatever I can.

For lunch today: Salad with lemon juice and olive oil. You’re gonna get these updates till the snarkiness is out of my system. This could take awhile. 😉