Today’s Workout: Cute


Since I was feeling a little sore, I went for the desk peddler today. I will run at least once this week but I’m feeling kinda bleh. I just needed to move around and get my heart rate up for a bit.


Since my kid thinks it’s embarrassing to take a cute lunch to school I decided to make one for my damn self! the food won’t go to waste and I can use all the cute lunch boxes I have. It’s a win win in my book.IMG_20230403_175857017

After all that food for lunch, I decided to go light with a salad for dinner. I used a lot of seasoning on the wings a LOT and lunch felt like too much food (probably could have done without the crackers and cheese). Even a Caesar salad seemed like too much. I just used olive oil and red wing vinegar.


A previous lunch was the leftovers from that salmon bowl I made and yeah, this was something that would have benefitted from separate containers. I ended up putting the cold ingredients on the cap while I warmed the rest in the microwave. That salmon was so good, I absolutely will make that again and put it in a more convenient container for reheating. One day if I ever get out of debt, I wanna get this Itaki so I don’t need the microwave anymore. I can just take the cold food out, set the timer for the hot food, and eat when ready.

I’m actually having fun coming up with different meals and experimenting with what I bring to work. I will need to cool it with the noodles and rice so I’m not eating so many carbs but, still! I have a ton of recipes I’ve saved in my ChefTap that I could make as well. That would be an interesting project.

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