Today’s Workout: Gadgets


I have the Ultrahuman ring and the app comes with workouts I’ve been meaning to try. Unlike waaaaay back when I had the Atlas Shape band and app (I have a thing for gadgets. It’s a weakness.), it doesn’t seem like the app/ring automatically tracks the workouts when I do them. This is day 1 of the 3-week HIIT Challenge. I haven’t done pushups in a long time (full disclosure: I do wall pushups, not floor) and I know I’m gonna feel this in the morning…


This was my dinner for the day because I forgot to bring it in for lunch and ended up going out to buy food. The gyro place by my job is still pretty affordable and since I don’t get feta or white sauce on it, the calories are a lot less. Those wings are gonna be a regular appearance this week since I made so much of them. I’m gonna try to have a side salad with them or something to balance out having fried food. But I’m not gonna waste them. I went out and bought buttermilk (at fucking full price, not on sale) especially to marinate all these things and spent a long time over a boiling pot of oil to cook them. I’m not gonna let them go to waste.

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