Today’s Workout: Might have overdid the bike…


This workout was day three of the Home Workout app I have on my phone and was unfortunately a lot of lower body work. I way unfortunately because my legs are aching from all the biking yesterday. But, the soreness means I’m working my muscles and making progress.

There’s no pictures of food today because it was nothing new. I just had more of that leftover pasta for lunch and a salad for dinner to balance out all those carbs. My thought is that it would be boring to post the same food every day; unless people are highly suspicious of what type of diet I have. I just tend to eat the same things I enjoy in a rotation, is all.

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Today’s Workout: Food Included


I know it’s short but I felt it. Lots of squats and leg lifts with this home workout app. Again, keeping it short for now keeps me in control and keeps me from hurting myself or making myself sick. I did get in more steps over the course of the day and I’m goin to keep trying to increase those numbers.

As for my food, I had chicken and rice for lunch and a salad for dinner. Putting cheese on the salad probably made it less healthy than it could have been but it’s tasty so deal with it. As for lunch, yes those are giant chunks of garlic. I did not feel like doing a lot of chopping. I just sliced them in half and tossed them in with the chicken with some olive oil and a pat of butter. I think it turned out great because I am totally okay with a bite of food with a hunk of garlic in it. The only “bad” food was the rice; Uncle Ben’s instant. Those have a ton of salt and I already used salt and pepper on the chicken. It tasted good but ruined my sodium goal for the day. Eh, they can’t all be winners.

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I’m back!


After a week, I’m testing negative and back at work. For me, COVID was like getting an annoying cold but with more of that feeling of my ears not being able to pop. Now, I notice I’m really sore. At first I thought it was from resting and laying around so much but apparently, body aches after COVID are a thing. I’m going to ease my way back into working out. Since I’m back at work, I’m just listening to my move reminder to get in some extra steps. At home, I’m just doing bodyweight exercises; no dumbbells or resistance bands. The last thing I want is to push myself too hard then end up getting sick again.

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Today’s Workouts: Dafuq is up with my camera…


I did the desk peddler today as early as I could today but I didn’t have as much time as I would have hoped.


This was today’s lunch but for some reason when I try to take a picture of my dinner, the camera decides it’s not gonna bother to save it. You’re just gonna have to believe me that I made chicken thigh pieces with garlic and broccoli. You’ll probably see it tomorrow as my lunch since I made a big batch.

I did my two workout apps and the stretching and I’m feeling okay about how today turned out. I was able to curb my salt to a reasonable degree and I’m officially out of any bad snacks I could have. I did miss making coffee this morning and it’s presence was sorely missed. Tomorrow morning we will be reunited.

Also, I’m still writing and editing; as you can tell from my dramatics.

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Today’s Workouts: Insert hump day joke here.

Today was a kinda chill day. I got up early to make lunch for the kid (who actually ate it? And actually did the dishes so I had anything to make lunch with? Clearly, an anomaly) and made myself a thermos full of coffee to make it through getting up really early without enough sleep.

I keep waking up in the middle of the night and it’s starting to piss me off…

Anyhooooooo, I learned a valuable lesson food wise not to buy any broccoli from Misfits Market ever again. Either I can’t get the full bunch clean enough to avoid visible bugs (I assume a certain amount of bug eating risk in general but I don’t SEE them normally and I can live in blissful ignorance) or I get the pre-cut florets that have hidden rotten parts in them and they don’t taste right. So, if I get it from them, I either have to make sure to use whatever I buy in one day and see random flies or grubs during my meal or use veggies that taste off even though they are fresh from delivery. Honestly, I’m better off getting broccoli from Trader Joe’s or basically any other place than Misfits. Sorry, Misfits Market, your other stuff is good but not this. I ended up throwing it all out.

On the upside, the other veggies and fruit I’ve bought from Misfits Market have been alright. They are very, VERY fresh and need to be used sooner rather than later. And if you’re wondering why I’m harping on the broccoli, I’ll have to take more pictures of the meals I make at work with the electric lunch box. There’s a method to my madness in usually choosing broccoli as opposed to bok choy; which has a very different result when steamed in the Itaki lunch box. (not sponsored… I WISH I was sponsored!) I guess I should take pictures of how I prep then cook various meals in this thing? Eh, if I remember. I tend to have these types of meals on days where I have time to properly cook and eat them during my hour break, be it lunch on my day shifts or dinner on my night shifts. I have to strategically plan my break to make sure I have an outlet.

If I remember tomorrow, I’ll take photos of my prep before I take the ingredients to work. Also, I have a reputation at work now. Whenever someone smells something delicious at a meal time, someone pokes their head into the break room and says “Oh, it’s her again, not bringing enough for the rest of us.” I’m lucky to have coworkers who aren’t put off by my cooking.

But for now, I’m tired and sore and want to go to sleep.

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Today’s Workouts: The bike and other stuff


Since I’m trying to get more writing done, I’m back to the desk bike so I can type and peddle at the same time. That’s gonna have to be what I do while I get stories published so I can earn money for my NYCC cosplay. And also fit into my NYCC cosplay…

I wish I could somehow write and do crunches at the same time but, ah well. Sacrifices must be made.

I’ve also been listening to the inactivity alert I downloaded onto my smart watch and I’ve been able to get  3000 or more steps every day; which is up from a normal day of sitting around at a desk (I used to struggle to break 2000). Even if it’s just to get up and go look out the window, I do it so I’m active that much longer.

I did try on some dresses that were too tight on me before and they fit much better. One is actually too big (and I’m a little ticked off about that because I haven’t worn it out ONCE). Guess I’ll have to get me some safety pins or finally learn how to use Ma’s old sewing machine.

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Today’s Workout: I noticed something


Although my heartrate doesn’t go as high, I can tell there’s a difference in how my body responds. I was getting ready for bed and the increased resistance – along with the body weight workouts I’ve been doing (tons of squats and leg lifts) – I see more muscle definition in my thighs. I’m easily making it through 50 reps and I’ve increased to 100 or until I fail to keep form. I feel a little less jiggle in my upper arms, too.

The only lack of progress I’m seeing is abs. I need to focus on strengthening my core. I don’t think I’ll ever be the type to have a six pack but I’d love a smoother middle. I mean, who doesn’t? That’s the number one problem area. I have been doing the abs workout app on my phone but I may have to add some more moves. Those workouts are pretty short.

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Camp NaNoWriMo Day 19 and Today’s Workouts


I seem to average about 1,000 words a day which isn’t bad for when I want to write more short stories when this is over. Figure if I outline and write a story at 1,000 words a day, I could have something to publish by the end of the week! And one of my goals is to publish more stories faster. I find this promising.

I did my usual biking at work and did the rest of these after I stopped writing around 10pm. I still need to tweak things so that I have time to do some meditation or relaxing breathing right before bed to help me wind down. Just because I’m in the bed doesn’t mean I always get to sleep right away. And with the heat, I’m having issues staying asleep and waking up in the middle of the night broiling hot and miserable; blearily scrambling to adjust the temperature so I can go back to sleep. At least I lost some water weight that way?

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