Today’s Workouts: Pushing it


I wanted to get in a run at least once this week and keep on the schedule in the Ultrahuman app for this three week challenge. My arms are still sore from the first day (I can’t tell you how much pushups annoy me. They’re almost as bad as burpees) but I committed to this so I’m doing it.

For lunch I had time to prep the Itaki food and I’m still working on all those delicious chicken wings. I put them in the oven to crisp up while I was on the treadmill and by the time I was showered, they were perfect. I probably should have had some veggies with them but I had some editing to do and wanted to get to it before my brain turned off.

As for the Ultrahuman app, apparently I need the app on my watch as well and my watch is not supported yet. I’ll keep checking but I’ll have to rely on GoogleFit for insights for now. I was hoping for more feedback on when I eat and how it affects my workouts but we’ll see.

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