This Week’s Workouts So Far






This week’s C210K seemed harder for some reason and it is totally because of how long they are. In sticking with the schedule, I’ve forgotten how it feels to run close to an hour. It’s a struggle to make it through that last 10-minute jog and I can feel my fingers swelling.

Does anyone else have that problem when they run? Finger swelling? It is very unnerving…

As for incorporating more cross-training, that ab workout from Atlas Shape leaves me feeling much like the P90X Ab Ripper: too sore to laugh, cough, or sneeze. That must mean it’s working.

Week 10 means 15 minute long runs instead of 10 and I am honestly not sure if I can make it all four intervals. I may have to repeat the week or repeat week 9 to build up my endurance.

Either way, bring it on. Won’t know if I fail hard until I try!

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Today’s Workout: It hurts but…


This workout means pain but it’s quickly becoming my favorite from the Atlas Shape selections so far. Aside for lunges, squats, jumping jacks, and Russian twist, there’s this thing called the Prone Hip Driver where you start in a plank position push your hips up as high as you can, then lower back into a plank. It is NOT easy. The first time I tried this I could only do 8 reps and now I can do 10!

And BOY do I ever feel it in my abs the next day.

Truth be told, my belly has always been an issue for me (gee, nobody has ever said that before) and I like the Hip Driver because it also works my arms to hold that plank. It’s important core work that needs doing if I’m going to run any faster.

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