Today’s Workout: Yes, there’s two of them

I was all set on the desk peddler when the Saxenda kicked in and when that happens, you drop everything and go to the bathroom. Then I went back and did the full 40 minutes I’d intended to do in the first place.

For lunch I had steamed bok choy and snow peas with beef and ramen noodles. Around dinner, I wasn’t really that hungry so I had a small salad. I finally remembered to do my 50 squats and crunches and got my steps in. A couple days ago, I weighed myself and I’m down to 202.8! I’ve lost 29.2 pounds and I’m almost finally under 200. I have about a month before I go back to the doctor so I’m hoping to hit that goal before then and really impress them. 

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Today’s Workout: Ugh, I can’t believe I’m saying this…

wp-1683561230483I’m back to the desk peddler for a bit because, and it is fucking surreal for me to say this, my hip hurts. I don’t know exactly when I got old, but here we are. I’ll get back to running once I don’t flinch when I try to stand up.

Lunch I had the beef and broccoli with noodles and dinner was a salad that I will freely admit I used waaaaaayyy too much pepper.

Anyway, it was a decent day despite being stressed out over an impending event that I can’t post about. I’m fine; it’s just funny that people think my job is quiet and easy. Clearly, they don’t realize how wild working with the public can be.

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Today’s Workout: Last Day

Yeah, today was not the best day in terms of motivation but, I did get a lot done. Is it strange to be productive but not really feel like you were? Either way, I was able to get this workout in and make sure my meals were prepped.

I managed to turn in some reward points to get a head of lettuce for free for my salad today. I probably should have added some tuna but the container was REALLY full. I couldn’t even close it properly. As for dinner, I’m still working my way through all these snow peas. I’m impressed as to how long they last in the fridge

My steps weren’t as high as they should have been but at least I got the bike in. I also noticed that despite the scale not moving, one of my slightly oversized dresses that I could get away with wearing even though it’s too big is now too big to get away with wearing at all. I’m actually bummed about it since it’s a really cool dress but, I’d rather take the time to learn how to alter my own clothes than stay fat to keep them.

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Today’s Workout: Cute


Since I was feeling a little sore, I went for the desk peddler today. I will run at least once this week but I’m feeling kinda bleh. I just needed to move around and get my heart rate up for a bit.


Since my kid thinks it’s embarrassing to take a cute lunch to school I decided to make one for my damn self! the food won’t go to waste and I can use all the cute lunch boxes I have. It’s a win win in my book.IMG_20230403_175857017

After all that food for lunch, I decided to go light with a salad for dinner. I used a lot of seasoning on the wings a LOT and lunch felt like too much food (probably could have done without the crackers and cheese). Even a Caesar salad seemed like too much. I just used olive oil and red wing vinegar.


A previous lunch was the leftovers from that salmon bowl I made and yeah, this was something that would have benefitted from separate containers. I ended up putting the cold ingredients on the cap while I warmed the rest in the microwave. That salmon was so good, I absolutely will make that again and put it in a more convenient container for reheating. One day if I ever get out of debt, I wanna get this Itaki so I don’t need the microwave anymore. I can just take the cold food out, set the timer for the hot food, and eat when ready.

I’m actually having fun coming up with different meals and experimenting with what I bring to work. I will need to cool it with the noodles and rice so I’m not eating so many carbs but, still! I have a ton of recipes I’ve saved in my ChefTap that I could make as well. That would be an interesting project.

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Today’s Workout: Switched


My late night switched this week so instead of running today, I did the desk peddler. It was a quick session but, I still felt it.

Back when I made that fun sandwich with chicken breast, I had some left over so I used it for a chicken Caesar salad for my lunch. Dinner was the last of the broccoli in the house but I’ve got some bok choy on the way. I’m trying my best to use up what appears to be an overabundance of snow peas currently in my house. I think it’s just because I kept thinking “Oh yeah, I need those” yet forgetting I haven’t used up what I already bought. Luckily for me, they seem to last awhile. I haven’t had to throw any away.

I have two more days of C25K this week and I’m shockingly looking forward to it. Yes, I keep forgetting to do my abs stuff and I’m at the point where I think those are just gonna be my weekend workouts. I keep remembering to do it right after I’m ready to just curl up in bed. Since I tend not to workout at all on weekends, this is a good way to keep up my activity.

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Today’s Workout: Thick Thighs


Despite not running, my thighs feel like jelly after using the desk peddler. It’s less impact on my knees and ankles (which are feeling better but not 100%) but my muscles are working. But my steps were down today so I’ll have to make up for that tomorrow.

For lunch I made my classic steamed veggies and steak and for dinner, I tried out Trader Joe’s new lemon Torchietti. I made it with just some garlic, olive oil, herbs, and a bit of parmesan on top. I didn’t really like it with this combination but I have plenty left and some ideas for other combinations. To replace breakfast, I’ve been having a handful of almonds so I’m not starving around lunch time along with a thermos of coffee I nurse throughout the morning.

Next week, it’s back to running and I start my ab workout app again. I probably will never have a six pack but I would like to firm up for a smoother look overall.

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Today’s Workout: Nope

I’m back to the desk peddler because my knees and ankles are aching. It happens sometimes during my period, I know it’s temporary but I’m not running again until it stops.

Here’s the food I’ve been eating these days. That chicken had rice under it and was marinated with lemon juice and the lime cajun seasoning from Trader Joe’s. It just made me happy to make my Caesar salad pretty. Sometimes, it just feels good to plate something nice before you dig in and destroy it.

Next week, I’ll get back on the treadmill. I’m also working on making sure my veggie scraps go into my little composter so I can try and grow some veggies this year. Anything to save a few bucks and take advantage of the unused space in my yard. 

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Today’s Workout: It was not the day.


My period is making my joints hurt more than normal (I bet the cold is a factor, too). The desk peddler was all I could handle since not only am I achy, I’m too tired for coffee to be effective. But, I have a ton of ARCs I really need to finish so, I did that while using the peddler.

For lunch, I took the time to pack my Bentgo salad container (not sponsored or an affiliate). It’s a nifty way to take a salad with me and keep the ingredients and dressing separated. I over did the onion but other than that, it was very filling. It’s a pain in the ass to clean but I love using it.

I made dinner at work with the Itaki (still no money made from this link). This time was steak tips; which I honestly like more than the chicken.

Even though I didn’t get in a run, I was more active during the day. I usually only hit an average of 2,000 steps a day and now, I average 3,000 or more. Even if it’s just to get up and look out a different window in the office, I do it so I’m not sitting so long. I have a movement reminder on my smartwatch and it’s going off less these days. I hope to keep this up and finally get out of the 200 club in a few weeks.

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Today’s Workout: A break?


I missed last night’s workout because my kid needed me. We had a long talk which took up  my running time but it’s completely fine. It’s hard enough being a teenager, much less a trans teenager and I’m glad my kid can come to me if they need to. I “made up” for it today with the desk pedler.

These were the prepped meals for the last couple days, except for the popcorn. And that big bowl lasted three sittings. The Saxenda won’t let me eat so much. I used some of the seasoning packets from the ramen to season the popcorn.

Since the weekend is approaching, I’ll be switching to body weight workouts then starting cardio again on Monday. Part of me is looking forward to it and part of me is already over it. Either way, I still plan to keep up with being as active as possible.

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Today’s Workouts: Too much?

Today I did two cardio sessions: the desk peddler and c25k. I do wonder if that’s overdoing it for my legs but I feel pretty good about it. Just moving around more and seeing my daily goals get checked off makes me happy.

It figures that the day after I say I don’t usually eat breakfast, there’s free bagels in the breakroom so, I have one for breakfast. The cream cheese was the light kind and I didn’t use much but I felt weird after. I’m just not used to eating early. For lunch, beef and broccoli with half a block of ramen noodles. I don’t use the seasoning packet since these are not the plain noodles I usually buy. I save those packets to mix with butter as a popcorn topping. That way, I use much less salt because I LOVE savory, salty popcorn. It’s my favorite snack.

When it came to dinner, I wasn’t hungry. I ended up having a little snack (not popcorn, sadly) after my run and that’s it. I really only have two regular meals a day; especially if I’m eating my usual meat and steamed veggies with noodles for lunch. It’s really filling.

Crap, I’m craving popcorn now…

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