Today’s workout: I’m a dummy…

I totally forgot to bring my Freewrite Traveler to work with me so I couldn’t write all day. Once I got home, whatever plans I had for this story flew out of my brain. Now I’m back to picking at it until things click back into place.

Luckily for me, sitting there on the bike did shake some things loose. I turned down the resistance so I could go faster and just let the time go by as I wrote. Part of me is wondering if I should get back on the treadmill but just set it really slow so I can keep writing but I worry about not burning enough calories since I’d be walking so slowly. Or maybe that would be better for my knees… If I did that, I certainly wouldn’t use Zombies Run for those workouts. It would ruin my stats.

I am anxious to get back to running but taking this time to write has helped. I’m still not making a lot of money but I’ve finally gotten to the point where I don’t go a month with no sales at all. Maybe it’s not a good idea to so vastly alter my health goals around making money but the bank doesn’t care if I’m fat or thin, just as long as I pay the mortgage.


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Today’s Workout: More Biking


Back to the under desk peddler today to burn off some calories during a webinar. I love how fast the workout time goes when I’m focused on work. Sometimes, especially in the last 5 minutes, a workout seems eternal.

One thing that annoys me is not getting my heart rate higher. I have the resistance at the highest setting and somehow, it’s not enough. My bike at home with the little desk on it has MUCH more resistance. My thighs feel like they got a workout but it’s way more intense than the bike at work.

But anything is better than just sitting and doing nothing.

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First workout… Does it even count?


This was a very short one because part way through, I felt really dizzy and nauseous so I stopped. I think the culprit was trying to workout way to close to a heavy dinner. I completely sabotaged myself.

But again, any movement I can sneak in during the day is a good thing. And I was able to get some editing done, so it’s a win win.

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First Workout of the Week: I fucked up.


Over the holiday weekend, a rainstorm sent some lovely flooding into my basement. While I was cleaning up from that, I also gathered up more junk to throw out and ended up hauling up three full, heavy, 39 gallon garbage bags of crap out of the basement and to the curb. Emotionally, I feel accomplished and glad that trash is out. My back however, wants screaming, bloody, violent revenge for what I have inflicted upon it.

That’s a super dramatic way to just say my lower back hurts and running is not in the cards right now. The stationary bike desk I have has a nifty back for me to lean on. Even so, about 30 minutes was more than enough before I needed to stop.

I’m okay with that because I finally hit 219.6 pounds. I’ve lost 12 pounds so far! 20 more and I’m out of the 200 club! I am super excited about that. I keep thinking of all the super cute clothes I have that I’ll finally be able to wear again!

Oh, and being healthy. That too.

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Today’s workout: Biking and Writing


Oooh, look at that swanky minimalism in that graphic. Nice, Google Fit.

Anyways, I picked the stationary bike because I’m almost done with a rough draft of the next story I want to publish. My sales were meh for this month but ‘meh’ is a step up from none so I’ll take it.

I keep the resistance pretty high on this bike so I felt it in my thighs even after just 25 minutes. It is going to be cooling off so, I hope to get back to running next week and continue C25k. I won’t be able to write on the treadmill but I do need to learn that it’s ok to do one thing at a time.

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A Double Workout Day!

On days when I moderate programs at work, I hit that little Wirk bike from the previous post instead of just sitting there. Granted there isn’t much resistance (and I have it at the highest setting) but any movement is better than nothing and my thighs do burn afterwards. And it gives me a chance to do more than one workout in a day just to burn a few more calories.

I know I need to get back into doing weights a certain number of days a week. I just have to decide what I’m going to use to do it. I do have a kettlebell and a few hand weights (nothing over 10 pounds) so it’ll have to be using those. I don’t have the money to buy anything else so, it’s either that or bodyweight exercises.

And speaking of money, yes, I’ll be getting back to more writing and book reviews soon. If you came here for that, I haven’t abandoned it. I just need to catch up.


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