Lenni Reviews: “Gunpowder Moon” by David Pedreira


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*This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Set in the year 2072,  in Veteran Caden Dechert is in charge of a US mining operation on the moon. When a bomb goes off and kills a crew member, already strained international relations may turn the moon into a warzone unless Dechart can find the culprit first.

While I like Dechert and his crew and I wanted to find out what happened, this felt like a dry read. Not unenjoyable because Dechert is a relatable guy thrust into a crazy situation and has to figure out what’s really going on but I get the feeling you need to heavily be into space scifi to get into this. The conclusion delivers on some action though to make it all worth it. 3.9 out of 5.


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Finally Watched It: Felidae (1994)

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This movie tells the story of a cat named Francis investigating a string of cat murders in his new neighborhood.

This movie absolutely has a “what the fuck just happened” sort of vibe. The animation style is wonderful and the entire thing is a testament to how animated stories can and SHOULD be used to tell stories to children AND adults. There’s graphic murder, sex, blood, and a fucking CULT. But its all cats!

This is a short watch, only about an hour and twenty minutes and is a German movie; even though I watched it with the English dub and found the voice acting to be pretty good. It reminded me of The Great Mouse Detective. It is also based on a book, which is on my list of things to read, and even though it’s demented and kinda predictable, it’s a cool movie! Just don’t let your kids watch it. It’s more adult than Watership Down and has just as much nightmare fuel.

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