Happy New Year!


So, I decided to bake some chicken instead of pork or beans (because I don’t like beans or black eyed peas) as my new years dinner.

 I put some garlic and herbs in the bottom of my little dutch oven, stuffed the chicken (after a long brine) with onions and more garlic, then basted it with butter and yet more garlic and herbs. As the chicken rested, I cooked the veggies and added the tomatoes when it was all ready to eat. I love it when I just make shit up and it turns out delicious.

Here’s hoping this year is better than the last one!

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Overdue 2020 goals

Last year I did pretty well on my yearly goals but this year I’m gonna scale it down a bit. I don’t want to get overwhelmed:

  1. Draw more. I actually really miss this.
  2. Treat my writing and blog more like a business. I’d like to be publishing more often.
  3. Clean off my Kindle, Nook, iPad, AND read the ARCs I have piled up.
  4. More needlework.

That’s about it! I’ve gotten a pretty good running habit, my doctor says I’m very healthy so, my main goals now are the success of my writing and clearing out. Let’s see how this year goes!

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Happy and Blessed New Year!!

Ever since 2012, I have vowed to make each year better than the last; not only to make my detractors feel like shit, but to show myself and my kid that I can succeed. And up until now, I’ve done it and better than I expected! 2015 has given me blessings I cannot even imagine and I know that the gods have been at my back and by my side as I worked my ass off to achieve my goals.

2015 will be no exception. I have no intention of stopping the momentum I’ve built up! I will be even happier, healthier, and successful in the coming year and I hope you are too!

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Blessed Samhain!!

I don’t think I’ve been happier for the new year to come. Day by day things are actually changing for the better! 😀

I tore through the house cleaning everything. I washed down the floors with lemongrass and High John the Conquerer oil and smudged every room in the house, the backyard, and my car. Laundry is going and soon my signature chicken and rice stew will be bubbling on the stove.

Man I love this holiday. May we all be blessed in the new year!


I hope everyone is recovered from all the rip-roaring parties. ;D

I’ve been thinking about what I want accomplished this year and I’ve decided I’m really going to make this year my own. No whining, no excuses… Well, maybe a little bitching but no excuses. I want to finish one short story every month and have book three done by the end of the year. I also wanna lose 10 pounds, which pretty much puts me on an even keel with every other person in the world. 😉

With that in mind, I am off to work! Looking forward to this year. I know it will be better than the last. 😉

Thinking Back…

Man, I can’t believe how fast this year went. This time last year, I wasn’t even sure if I would have a job and now I’m managing the pages and running the house all on my own. 🙂 I’m selling more books, got another in the works, and I am honestly still shocked my reviews are popular enough to keep getting more books sent to me. 😉

I’ve come pretty far this year; even when naysayers said I would never make it. Every moth gets a little better.

I look forward to even better things in the coming year! 😀

2013 goals

I had to think a lot about what I wanted from this year. Instead of resolutions, I have goals I would like to meet:

1: To recover from my divorce and be a happier and better person.

2: To write 4 pages every day.

3: Update the blog more often.

4: I’m trying the 100 Books in a Year challenge again.


There’s no way I’m gonna let the bad things that have happened to me get me down. I have to remember it’s not my fault, these things happen, and to move on with my head high.

Here’s to a good 2013. It better be good; I think I’m owed. T_T



Saying Goodbye to 2011.

And good riddance. 2011 will always be the year my Ma died no matter what other good things happened to me. Her death eclipses all 365 days. All I can claim from it is her cold hands and the smell of HOSPITAL from which I will never come clean and will spur panic attacks for years to come.

I’m still thinking of what I want to accomplish in 2012. When I have a list, I’ll post it. As of right now all I have is “Not 2011.”