November Birchbox


This isn’t a bad collection but my favorite is the soap. It has a nice mild smell; not too overpowering. Although I do wonder if I can use the brow pencil as eyeliner since I don’t have any eyebrow issues but failing that, I’m sure I can find someone who will take it off my hands.

I’ve been getting a decent amount of anti-aging products and honestly, they all seem to be working for me in a very general sense. I can’t say I’ve noticed any major changes in my skin and I’ve always been told I either look my age or younger for the simple fact I take really good care of my skin aside for using anti-aging products. But a cashier recently told me I look 26 so something must be working. XD

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January 2016 Birchbox


I know it’s been awhile since I posted about Birchbox and that I’ve also been a subscriber to this box for a long time. I have learned a great deal about make up and how to use it. But there is no way I am putting liquid liner on my face. That is best left for more experienced women than I.

As for the rest of it, I am always in the market for repair hair products of any kind as I have been regularly coloring my hair and flat ironing it. You’d think thick hair like mine would be able to put up with the abuse but nope. I end up with horrible split ends.

The nail color and the serum are a nice addition. I love getting nail colors in these and since I’ve decided to take this year by storm; I am all in favor of a fierce red in my first box!

But that liquid liner is gonna get gifted to someone before I hurt myself with it.