It’s LIVE! :D

A while back me and my friend over at Ragdoll Comics postulated a possible illustrated edition of Dreamhunter. After working out the kinks of how it would work, I am proud to say the illustrated chapters are now available. 😀 They will be posted on a monthly basis and each for $0.99 till the book is complete.

If you can’t wait? The full, non-illustrated version is available as well. 🙂

I hope you enjoy it! 😀

April Fun Time! Photo a day Challenge! :D

In my adventures around the interwebs, I stumbled across this from MisfitLibrarian’s blog.

Via Fat Mum Slim

I was pondering a photo a day thing (mostly as an excuse to use my fancy camera) and figured it was fate that I saw this. 🙂 I also caved into peer pressure and got Instagram.

So, this month should be interesting. 😉


My weekend!! And Lenni’s face revealed!

Honestly, I don’t wanna blog. I wanna go write. :/ But the time has come for a big reveal!!

As you can see, most of the time I use the above icon as my "picture." It’s a picture I commissioned and I love it. ^_^ However, my weekend has brought me some pictures of myself that I don’t completely loathe. So, here’s my weekend in a nutshell:

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Comic Con 2010

Lenni went to Comic Con!! Only on Saturday, as per my previous entry, but it was still very cool. 🙂 I did NOT dress up. I dressed for comfort. These things are marathons, people. You do not wear lycra onsies to a marathon. Or maybe you do. I’ve never run one. XD

Chewie being interviewed

Here’s Chewie being interviewed. I have no clue what about. You try elbowing your way close to Chewbacca. 0.0

How to Survive The Zombie Apocalypse panel

This was the How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse panel. The guy at the podium made some smart ass crack about New York so if you see him being chased by zombies, fellow New Yorkers, trip him.

Seth Green

That is Seth Green. I did not get anywhere close to or speak to this man. They guy next to him looks pretty jazzed, though. XD

Shirt I wanted to buy but had no reason to own.

Another shirt I wanted to buy but had no reason to own.

These are a couple of t-shirts that I thought were cool but I have a ton of shirts so I just enjoy the sayings and move on.

Guess which guy is from the hentai booth!

This guy is wearing a thong on his head. What? You need another reason for me to take a picture of him?