My weekend!! And Lenni’s face revealed!

Honestly, I don’t wanna blog. I wanna go write. :/ But the time has come for a big reveal!!

As you can see, most of the time I use the above icon as my "picture." It’s a picture I commissioned and I love it. ^_^ However, my weekend has brought me some pictures of myself that I don’t completely loathe. So, here’s my weekend in a nutshell:

Chocolate Martini This would by why I didn’t write a single creative word till Tuesday. That is my fourth one.

All right… Last chance to turn back before you’re faced with my mug. I warned you!!!

You're friendly neighborhood Lenni 

Yup, that’s me. All dressed up to have dinner with my hubby. ^_^ If your eyes are still in your skull, congrats!! 😀 If anything this weekend has proved three things:

1) I do not like gambling. The entire casino reeked of cigarettes and despair and the sounds of pensions going down the drain was consistent and depressing. I lost an impressive $5 before I’d had enough.

2) I can wear make up and properly do my hair when given enough time to do so. Will I wake up an hour early every day to do so? Fuck no. T_T

3) I need to be under the influence of alcohol to buy girly clothes. The outfit above and two more dresses were purchased while drunk off my ass. Drunk Lenni doesn’t have bad taste. Sober Lenni will always be lazy and buy pants.

But I did have an awesome time. I totally need to be back on my diet. Don’t even ask me what I ate. Let’s just say Hooters and $2 Bud was involved. I’m back home and more than ready to get back to work! 😀

And FYI? "Lenni" is a nickname/pen-name. I don’t give all my secrets away there, kiddies. 😉

Now, I want to get back to my stories. I do have a website to update at some point.

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