I’m Listed!!

I’ve been poking around the free fiction movement for some time; various authors who for some reason or another put all their work online for free. Where once I wanted to put DH up for free, I would like to see people purchase copies. But my short fiction is and will continue to be online for free.

In order for it to get found and read, I submitted Djinn to an online archive and it was accepted! 😀 I’ve submitted Julian and Dahlia as well and I’m just waiting to hear back. ^_^

Other than that, life has been insane, I’m bone tired, and I’ve been lucky to be able to string a sentence together in any form. @_@ I am just exhausted but I knew October would kick my ass. *shrugs* But it will pay off in the end. Hell, it’ll pay off this week! XD Lenni’s not gonna starve. That’s always a good thing. ^_^

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