Goodbye, Shelfari.


It seems Shelfari and Goodreads are merging. Personally, I preferred Shelfari but ah well.

If you follow me on Goodreads, you may notice that I have removed all my books. Every single one. The reason for this is I exported all my Shelfari books to a .csv and the last time I did this, Goodreads didn’t save my want to read, reading, and read books. They all went in a great big 1500 book lump that I refused to go through a book at a time to fix. This time, the export is supposed to retain those categories so rather than deal with deleting duplicates, I cleaned out my Goodreads in preparation for the import.

The import can take up to 24 hours to complete. Don’t freak out that all my books are gone.

See ya at the new site!

I know! I know!

I have been terrible about updating but I have been so disgustingly busy. I will be updating on a normal-ish basis this month. ^_^

Winter Boot is done and ready for posting. Book three is coming along at a pace I did NOT expect. 0.0 The words are flying our of the pen. It’s amazing. I am postulating a new story for Fiction Friday (something I’ve already started… No new projects) and slowly but surely my project list is whittling down.

I dunno if you’ve been following my Twitter or Shelfari accounts but I have also been reading like all get out. I seem to be on a horror kick lately, which will have to stop soon because it’s fucking depressing. But I’ll be twice damned if the books aren’t amazing.

I have also posted another book review. Read. Enjoy. Comment. 🙂

Reading to Write Better – What Lenni Reads

A delivery in my Inbox got me wondering if my readers would like to know what I read.

It is a well known piece of writing advice that reading will make you a better writer and that you have to read mindfully. I am very guilty of not reading mindfully. I read for the good story or give up a book for the lack of one. This is not to say a particular quote or turn of phrase won’t catch me and I’ll think “WOW! This writer is AWESOME!”

There is very little I won’t read. There was a time when I would refuse to read Romance paperbacks but those are great for when you don’t want to have to think to much and just want to be entertained. They can’t all be 1000 page sprawling fantasy novels, ya know. 😉

But for an inside track on what I’m reading at any given moment, I invite my fan(s) to join me on Shelfari. 🙂