Reading to Write Better – What Lenni Reads

A delivery in my Inbox got me wondering if my readers would like to know what I read.

It is a well known piece of writing advice that reading will make you a better writer and that you have to read mindfully. I am very guilty of not reading mindfully. I read for the good story or give up a book for the lack of one. This is not to say a particular quote or turn of phrase won’t catch me and I’ll think “WOW! This writer is AWESOME!”

There is very little I won’t read. There was a time when I would refuse to read Romance paperbacks but those are great for when you don’t want to have to think to much and just want to be entertained. They can’t all be 1000 page sprawling fantasy novels, ya know. 😉

But for an inside track on what I’m reading at any given moment, I invite my fan(s) to join me on Shelfari. 🙂

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