Freaky Friday – Dealing with the holiday madness

I’m back at work after 4 days off for a baking marathon (yes, I’m a homemade gift gal). I got everything that needed mailing mailed but I still have more gifts to bake for people.

As a result, my daily writing goal is in the tank. :p

I’ll be honest, I did baking, housework, parenting, laundry, AND had time to workout but by the end of the day, I was so black out tired that there wasn’t enough synapses firing to write properly.

But I did write. A word here, a plot point there… Anything to keep the muscle strong, ya know? But do any other writers find they have to scramble for writing time around the holidays? I’ve been accused of being a Scrooge more than once because I wanna run away and write the very SECOND I’m done with my holiday requirements. Anybody else find this happening to them?

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