June Loot Crate: “Alter Ego”

  • DC Comic New 52 Poster Collection
  • Hulk Bowl
  • Spider-Man QFig
  • Transformers Shirt
  • Loot Pin

While the bowl and statue are cool, my favorite is the shirt. It is a great design and it’s SOOOOO comfortable. I get stares and complements every time I wear it.

My problem with getting dishes is they are not microwave safe and sometimes can’t even be used for hot foods. So it’s a fancy cereal bowl… If I ate cereal more often that’d be great but I’d like to be able to put all types of food in the dishwear they provide in these boxes. It may be nitpicky of me to say so but it is what it is.

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Kal-Elle Monthly: “Spider Man”


  • Headphone/change purse
  • Spider Man necklace
  • Spider Man earrings
  • Magnet
  • Bathbomb
  • Art Print
  • Pillow case

Not being the biggest fan to Spider Man (I just never really got into it), I wasn’t as excited to get this one as others. That is, until I saw the contents. I love when this subscription includes back products. Back when I got the Game of Thrones box, the entire thing was infused with the smell of the bath salts and although it’s a product with only one use, it is nice to experience it.

But logically, something you can use over and over is preferred…

If I had to pick a favorite, I would say the headphone/change purse. It’s cute and it just happened to be something I needed!

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