Today’s Run? Turkey Trot!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate, I sympathize with your Day of Mourning to those who partake, and I empathize with those who drink and eat heavily because you can because fuck it.

Today, we had duck and baby broccoli!

And I had a great time teaching the kiddo how to slice garlic. And roast garlic… Look, we stink today. Deal with it.

I may have gorged myself on delicious meat and crunchy skin but I did my run!!


Today was week 10 day 2 and I got in the spirit by catching up on Z Nation while running.

Yeah, I think it’s better than Walking Dead. Fight me. I dare you.

I didn’t set any records but even though I didn’t wanna bother today and use my time to sleep in, I got my fat ass up and went to run before I did any cooking or drinking.

Now… As I am full and tired, and sore, and tipsy, I shall leave you with whatever feelings you have about this day. Even if its just Thursday.

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Reason for the Season?

As is very unlike me, I went to a grocery store the day before Thanksgiving on my lunch break. I went on my lunch break thinking it wouldn’t be too horrid but nope. People are already rude, impatient, frazzled, and ticked off.

This is why I avoid shopping unless I need to this time of year.

It is also why I feel the magic has gone out of this season for me. Its hard enough trying to just get through life, I don’t get why people have to make themselves miserable or bankrupt themselves or try and run people over just to get THINGS. I am already DONE with the holidays. Wake me in January. ;_;

Uhoh… I had an idea… >}

I don’t like to jinx things but I have a plan… It’s a crazy plan, but a plan. If it works out, it would be awesome.

But for now, I’m keeping it mum. 😉

In other news, the holiday season is almost upon us. This year, I am planning a small Thanksgiving so I don’t lose my mind. It’s the first one without Ma so my priority is to make it as normal as possible for my daughter.

And now that I’ve depressed the HELL out of you all, we’ll get to my (probably doomed) plan to lose 20 pounds by summer. I think that’s a doable goal seeing as how it’s November. :p But I’ll be updating on that periodically. Meaning “When I lose weight and NEVER when I gain it.” XD

I am a bit scatterbrained today. I always am the morning after I work till 9pm. @_@ If I reach my word goal today, I shudder to think what it will consist of. XD