Today’s Run? Turkey Trot!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate, I sympathize with your Day of Mourning to those who partake, and I empathize with those who drink and eat heavily because you can because fuck it.

Today, we had duck and baby broccoli!

And I had a great time teaching the kiddo how to slice garlic. And roast garlic… Look, we stink today. Deal with it.

I may have gorged myself on delicious meat and crunchy skin but I did my run!!


Today was week 10 day 2 and I got in the spirit by catching up on Z Nation while running.

Yeah, I think it’s better than Walking Dead. Fight me. I dare you.

I didn’t set any records but even though I didn’t wanna bother today and use my time to sleep in, I got my fat ass up and went to run before I did any cooking or drinking.

Now… As I am full and tired, and sore, and tipsy, I shall leave you with whatever feelings you have about this day. Even if its just Thursday.

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